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Volunteer Foundation is a non-profit organization aimed at providing human services, programs and opportunities for individuals and community involvement to the rural US and the Inner-city neighborhoods. These services are outreach programs dealing with today’s most pressing social needs. A rich American who goes by the name Ken Alex donated £50 Million for the foundation. Currently, the foundation has recruited the Chief executive, most of accounting and general staff and two Volunteers in place awaiting the Business Corporation.

The foundation will build a home for the elderly people in the society and provide care for them. Also, the foundation will build a home for orphans and provide for their needs. In addition, the foundation will build a home for the disabled people (Ability beyond Disability) and provide for their needs. Lastly, the foundation will build a home for the homeless and provide for their needs amongst many other humanitarian works.

It was agreed in the meeting held to decide the way forward, that the foundation adopts the democratic style of management. In this style, top management allows other employees including the subordinate staff where relevant to take part in decision making. The foundation will need to allocate £1Million as shown in the attached table for stationeries and other things. These stationeries include computers and software that were distributed to various foundation departments including finance, human resource, regulatory affairs etc. Integration of ICT is needed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the foundation management. The best statistical analysis software also needs to be installed in the foundation computers to facilitate accuracy and good decision making for the success of the foundations endeavors including Stata, SPSS, Ms-Office package, Adobe package, Microsoft Navision etc.

The Foundation’s Wide Area Network also needs to be developed to facilitate sharing of data and information from different end. Good communication will cut down transport costs that might arise as a result of visiting various projects for data and information.

The foundation will need to use both the in-house managers and external managers for efficient utilization of the foundation funds. Apart from the in-house programs and services such as the orphanage, elderly home etc that will need in-house managers, most of the foundation activities include outreach programs that requires a lot of traveling and tours. If the foundation assigns the in-house managers to oversee the outreach programs, it will mean that gaps will be left in the respective manager’s office. This will lead to loop holes that might lead to the foundation failing to succeed in its endeavors to facilitate communal development. Other external managers include the bank, investment schemes and the real estate, this is so because they are trusted to use the funds on behave of the foundation to generate interest.

Decisions having been made, the form was filled in the limelight with the earlier named top authority during the meeting. The board decided that Ken Alex will be the statutory agent for Volunteer Foundation Ltd as gratitude and by the fact that he owns an established company in Ohio (“Jon Husted Ohio Secretary of State”, (n.d).). The corporate effective date was set to be July 30, 2012.


Jon Husted Ohio Secretary of State. (n.d.). Home. Web.

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