First Assignment: Please create this in one Word document.
For this weeks assignment, submit a paper that describes virtualization. Pick a virtualization platform of your choice and describe how it manages the hardware to present guest operating systems with virtual hardware.
Please remember that papers should be a minimum of 600 words. Also, don’t forget parenthetical and narrative citations in the body of your text.
Assignments should be clear and detailed, sources must be cited in APA format and must have clear organization and flow.
Second Assignment: This should be in separate WORD Document.
1) Create a Lab Report identify the some of the major threats and vulnerabilities that might threaten areas of the Mock IT Infrastructure which is given in the attached screenshot Figure. 2) In the lab report define BIA.3) In the lab report define BCP and explain how a BIA fits within BCP.4) In the Lab report file, create an outline of the BCP sections and subtopics that apply to the Mock IT infrastructure. Include the below mentioned topics in your outline.

  • a) Initiation of the BCP(introduction, definitions, relevant policy statements, BCP Organizational Structure, BCP declaration, BCP communications and information sharing)
  • b) Business Impact Analysis (risk assessment and analysis prioritizing business functions and operations aligned to IT systems, applications and resources)
  • c) Business continuity/ Disaster readiness/Recovery(recovery time objective [RTO], recovery point objective[RPO], business continuity bench marks, disaster recover planning [DRP as a subset of a BCP plan], and recovery steps and procedures for machine- critical IT sytems, applications, and data)
  • d) Develop and implement the plan (the plan is a living and breathing document that requires annual updates and change control revisions)
  • e) Test and update the plan (the most important part of a BCP or DRP is to test the plan with a “Mock” Business Continuity disruption or disaster scenario; table top reviews of the processes and procedures can be conducted to inform all BCP and DRP team members of their roles, responsibilities and accountability)

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