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Opinions can differ on this topic, but I personally think vegetarian and vegan diets are extremely healthy. I’m a vegetarian and used to be a vegan so from personal experience I think it makes people healthier and happier. These diets, whether by choice or not are a very healthy way of living. It’s also great for the planet, environment, and for animals. Vegetarians are far less likely to get diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease. Biologically, humans are herbivorous, which means we can in fact life off of plants alone.

A lot of people grow up eating meat, dairy, eggs, etc., so it’s much easier to not eat those things because they never grew up eating it. If you grow up eating it a small amount it may be pretty easy but if you eat it on the daily it would definitely be difficult. Some people live off of meats, which in my opinion is extremely unhealthy. Most food that vegans/vegetarians eat are healthy and contain less fat & unwanted things for your body such as pesticides.

If you’re not careful, these diets can be dangerous. Rapid weight loss, sickness, eating disorders, and many other things can come from this if you do it ‘incorrectly’. A good way to prevent these things are to eat balanced meals, which yes you can do even when you’re a vegan or vegetarian. You have to make sure you’re getting protein and nutrients which you can get from many other foods, which do fit in a vegan or vegetarian diet. If you decide to take up one of these diets make sure you consider all of the above and possibly consult with a doctor.

Many choose to eat like this while others are born with reasons or allergies that make them eat like this. For example, there’s an immune disorder called ​phenylketonuria​ ​and its basically where your body can’t process phenylalanine​, which is something in protein. This means you need to find another source of protein. Some good proteins for vegans are lentils with beans (legumes), soy products (like tofu) with edamame, grains, seeds, most green vegetables, and protein powders and some for vegetarians are the above, egg, milk, and other dairy products.

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Some facts and myths about being vegetarian: the human body is not technically designed to eat meat on the regular; meat protein is no better than plant protein; vegetable oil is in fact not healthy (it is still oil and fat going into your body); just because something says ‘vegetable’, less fat, or something in that category does not make it healthy at all.

There are not only benefits for your body and mind, but also for the Earth. Being a vegetarian or vegan saves hundreds of animals. In my personal opinion, I don’t understand how someone can be okay with eating a living thing that was killed for their pleasure when they could have something else to eat. To some people who used to probably eat meat every day, I sound insane. As you can probably tell I’m very anti-meat eating. But if more people didn’t eat meat or animal products our Earth would have much more hope for the future.

A great solution for people who need to eat meat, but want to help save the planet, is veggie-meat. Veggie-meat is basically food that tastes and looks like meat, but consists of wheat, vegetables, soy, grain, and etc.

To sum up this essay I’d like to say that being a vegetarian or vegan is great, not all people can do it so if you do than congrats! You’re helping save the planet.

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