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Seducing women in the 90s is a current struggle for all men. “How to attract women without even trying!” is an article written by an unknown author and later published in FHM magazine, in November 1994 with the aim to persuade all male readers to buy this book. There are many ways to seduce a woman without seeming as if the man is trying too hard. The use of visual and written features contribute to the persuasion of all single men. This book is guaranteeing to help them seduce any woman they like just by talking and acting in a certain way.

When first looking at the article, the eye instantly goes to the center image due to the contrast in color as the picture is surrounded by a black background and the article around it is light. Once a person begins to analyze what is going on in the image, they can immediately tell what the article will talk about as there is a woman all over a man. The use of text right above the image causes the eye to drift to it next. “Passive Man’s Guide to Seduction” creates an even better idea of the context of the page as now the reader knows it is about the men instead of both men and women. The bottom two pictures in the article show two females, clearly different ages, one of them has a text saying “how to pick up girls” and the other says “how to pick up women”. One of them is smiling and posing, possibly indicating that she is not fully mature whereas the other woman is just staring into the camera with no emotion on her face, showing that she is mature and will possibly need more effort to get her to like the person.

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The text presented by the author is somewhat backing up the images as if the images are the title and the text is the body. The article starts off with a strong and persuasive sentence; “Here, at last, is a seduction strategy for the 90s”. This sentence is an informal sentence however, it makes it seem like there is no other article in the world that teaches men the power of seduction. The use of the words “here, at last,” gives an indirect idea to the reader that this article is very accurate and will indeed help all men. Next, the author states a negative fact about women, making the reader agree with them which improves the chances of actually buying this article. After that, the article gives some pointers about how to talk to women and what mistakes most men do, however, once those few pointers end, the reader would be comparing his actions to ones talking about which creates somewhat of a cliffhanger for them, giving them no choice but to buy it. When it comes to the visual features, many small details are put into use that contributes massively to the purpose aimed for. the title “How to attract women without even trying” is in a different font and size compared to the rest of the article as well as it is in bold to bring attention to it. Another purpose would be to have it easily read when skimming through a magazine or walking past a flyer. Finally, many sale details are mentioned, for example; pricing and sales discounts. The discount however was put in bold to attract attention to it.

Many stylistic devices were presented in this article, however, there is a pervasive one; rhetorical question. Using a rhetorical question is one of the most common techniques used when advertising due to the fact that it makes the reader think rather than just read. In “How to attract women without even trying”, many can be identified such as “Sound too good to be true”, “do you get tongue-tied around attractive women?”, “so what should a guy do about it?” and many more. The constant repetition of the pronoun ‘you’ is very easily identified. An example would be in the third paragraph, where it begins with the statement ‘You see, the woman of the 90s…’ The way this sentence is structured with the use of interjection of ‘you see’ with the comma at the beginning (right after see) creates a conversational tone. The coupons presented at the bottom could be said to be the most essential aspect of the advert. Without it, no money would have been earned by the creator. Though it is not aligned with the two, instead it is put out there which makes it clear and hard to miss.

The main purpose is achieved through the text itself as well as the layout presented. The different aspects of the advert and its text create a strong connection throughout and convincing the reader to buy the product. The “underlying theme” in utilizing men’s insecurities was, in the end, a very good technique in persuasion.

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