Objective: Define the rights, duties, and obligations, as well as the necessity of engaged citizenship. Deliverable: A comparative analysis of three documents. Minimum length 400 words. Be certain to provide sufficient objective analysis based upon the required four assigned readings. Also, demonstrate learning. The Question: In a reflection piece, examine the three documents: The U.S. Constitution (1787), France’s Declarations of Man and Citizen (1789), and the United Nation’s The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). Find examples of four rights that are found in all three documents. What can we learn by finding a shared body of rights in all three documents? This portion of the assignment should be a minimum 400 words. The Format: Your outline should be based upon the following format: 1. Opening paragraph including a clear Thesis Statement (100 words). a. Answer the question, 2. Discussion 3. Conclusion (100 words): Re-Cap your major arguments, Make a final closing statement. 4. APA Bibliography Use and cite a minimum of three assigned reading documents from the current week in the weekly objective demonstration of assigned reading documents. In week #2 – #11, students are to include an additional assigned reading article from a previous week in your assignment unless otherwise stated. This will result in the use of four assigned reading articles in the assignment.

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