• Your assignment is to prepare a risk communication program for diverse cultural communities in a location often struck by natural hazards, resulting in disasters. 
• Each team member will be evaluated on their individual contributions to the group process and the group’s influence on the presumed effectiveness of the individual’s project. 
• Working as a group has the benefit of harnessing diverse perspectives on the problems that will be faced. 
Group Project
Once the Hazard event and preferred locus has been identified, then the individual members can identify and select, and gain group approval, for their select subpopulation: 
• Cultural subgroups
• Functional and Access Needs population: vision/hearing/mobility
• Language groupsFILLER TEXT
** Our group chose Joplin MO tornado and the subgroup I picked the language group ( Spanish speaker). 
What I need from you to do is to writer 1-2 pages overview of Joplin MO tornado. Then, you will write 2-3 pages about the subgroup that I picked. We need to include how can we send a message for this group in pre-event, during the event, and post event. 

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