Conduct some basic hospitality company research of some organizations that would be possible targets for your career. You will research 3 different companies. For each company you need to use more than one source and you must use Trade Journals (hosipitality industry magazines) as a source (a minimum of 3 times in the section).Introduce the section first.Discuss the following for each company:Something about the company culture, mission, philosophy, or background that stands out to you.(Hilton, Marriott or Banyan Tree could be better)Size of company, Brands, Service style, LocationsSpecial training or management programs or other unique benefits.What the pros a cons are of working for this company.Write up will be done for all 3 companies, each in a separate paragraph.Provide a conclusion at the end of the section.Provide a Works Cited page.After this section is turned in, please be prepared to possibly share information about one of your companies during class time.

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