Class- 20th-Century U.S. History since 1960 WHAT IS THE MYTH OF PRUITT-IGOE? BE SURE TO INCLUDE A DISCUSSION OF STRUCTURAL RACISM/POVERTY IN YOUR ANSWER. **movie will be attached below**Essay should have a thesis statement that is no longer than two sentences printed in boldface. Please restate the prompt at the top of the paper. Paper should be double-spaced. Citations should appear in parenthetical form (Chafe, P. 29) and you will need a bibliography (no specific amount of sources required). Essay should be 2-3 pages double spaced.Can cite lectures simply by saying (Corey, Lecture)**lecture notes will be provided below**NOTES from lecture on Pruitt-Igoe -People being separated, families being split up. It tells us a metaphor for a much bigger story- myths are these victims are being blamed for something. The initial idea of building these buildings was not done in an aligned way. In a racist country where race is in the DNA is like it has been in the drinking water and gone in the bones.. when that exists you don’t have to be saying racist things to create a situation that’s messed up. People that do this aren’t trying to act from racist ideologies they thought they’re doing a good thing. That’s why we talk about the structural part. It was built in their dna and people don’t have to be actively racist to create a situation that’s an obstacle for people that causes them to not move forward.- The thing that happened in the end that is the exploding in the building is a physical metaphor for the explosion of any idea that happened in society. A cinematic advanceLink to video:…Username: Password: Mississippi1

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