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Universal Health Care

Medical costs for uninsured people in the United States are exorbitantly high, and insurers’ policies usually focus on profit margins rather than providing medical care. These situations are inconsistent with American values ?? and norms, and it is time for the United States to provide universal insurance to all citizens. As with education, health care should be seen as a fundamental right of all citizens of the United States, not just a privilege for the wealthy.

One of the most common objections to universal health insurance is that it is very expensive. In other words, UHC will raise taxes significantly. Providing medical care to all U.S. citizens would be expensive for taxpayers, but they need to assess how much it costs, and more importantly, how much would be too much when it comes to opening up universal health insurance. People with health insurance already pay a lot, but uninsured people pay exorbitant prices. It is difficult to compare the cost of publicly funded medical care with the cost of current insurance premiums. Still, some Americans, especially low-income earners, may benefit.

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While UHC will cost Americans a few hundred dollars more each year, we should consider what kind of country we want to live in and what kind of ethics we represent if we are willing to refuse healthcare for others to save several hundred dollars. There is little room for compassion and love in a system of harsh individualism and business priorities. It’s been too long for Americans to realize the callousness with which American hospitals are forced to turn their backs on the sick and poor. UHC is a healthcare system that adheres more closely to the fundamentals that so many Americans profess and value and now is the time to reach its full potential.

Another typical argument for UHC in the United States is that other equivalent national health systems such as the United Kingdom, France, and Canada are bankrupt or plagued by problems. UHC opponents claim that sick people in these countries are facing long lines or waiting lists for basic health care. Opponents often accuse these systems of not being self-sufficient, leading to large deficits each year. There is a fair amount of truth in these arguments, but Americans should remember to put these issues in the context of the existing US system. Indeed, people in countries with universal healthcare often have to wait to see a doctor, but we in the US also have to wait, and sometimes book appointments weeks in advance, just to wait a long period in the doctor’s waiting rooms.

Critical and urgent care is always treated right away in other countries, just like in the United States. The main difference, however, is the price. Even those with health insurance are not immune to the soaring costs of healthcare in the United States. Every day, an American is diagnosed with cancer, but the only possible therapy is often considered ‘experimental’ by insurance companies and therefore not offered. The patient has to pay out-of-pocket for the therapy if he does not have health insurance. However, these costs can be so high that the patient will have to choose between less effective but covered therapy, no treatment at all, or trying to pay for treatment and incurring unwanted consequences. financially conceivable. Medical costs can quickly reach hundreds of thousands of dollars in many situations, forcing even the wealthiest families to lose their homes and stay in debt for the rest of their lives. Many Americans may face this unwanted situation at some point in their lives, but they still choose to take financial risks. US citizens need to encourage lawmakers to adopt UHC, which offers safe and affordable coverage, rather than endangering health and financial well-being.

Contrary to what opponents claim, a universal healthcare system will save lives and improve the health of all Americans. Why is public education widely accepted, but not public health care? It’s time for Americans to see health as a social right, just like education and law enforcement.

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