Managing Long-Term Care SystemsFor this discussion, respond to the following as a human service and public service leader:What are the major challenges that face the long-term care system?What impact will the predicted increase in consumers’ involvement in their care have on providers?Response GuidelinesSubstantively respond to the post of one of your peers, as follows:Engage your peer (that is, use his or her name) and explain specifically why you chose his or her post to respond to.Find one new peer-reviewed article in the Capella University Library (or another graduate library). Briefly introduce the article (say whether the information you will present from the article is based on a study, a literature review, or so forth) and then paraphrase what parts of the article apply to the post you are replying to.Ask two good, critical questions of your peer (which your peer is free to answer or not).Try to reach a balance in your reply that includes your own professional experiences and an academic perspective, based on your peer-reviewed article.When you support your comments with specific details from your experience, your workplace, or a health care setting with which you are familiar, you are not required to cite a source. However, if you offer an alternative viewpoint or refer to the ideas or work of others, your post must be supported with an outside source, which must be cited using APA style.Learning ComponentsThis activity will help you achieve the following learning components:Identify current and future trends in long-term care.Identify appropriate sources to support scholarly work.Apply APA style and format to academic writing.

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