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Unit 4.1 DB: Training ROI (HRM308)

Provide a brief overview about why calculating ROI is strategically important and list common types of items and services that would be included in an ROI analysis.  Next discuss what items and services may differ in ROI calculations between different types of training.  For instance, consider the differences between a soft skills training like leadership development and employees taking an Excel training program.

Unit 4.2 DB: Individual Learning Investments (HRM308)

Reflect on your Competency Model that you submitted in Unit 3.  Select one (1) competency you listed and describe how you would measure that learning has taken place in this area?

Unit 4 DB: Title VII (HRM341)

Based on our readings and your personal experiences, describe Title VII and it’s protected classes.

  • Do you believe that these should be protected characteristics? 
  • What protections are provided for retaliation? 
  • Provide research, facts, and examples to back up your views.

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