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Bernice Johnson Reagon once said, “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are”. We all have challenges in life, and when we are facing those challenges, we tend to ask ourselves, “Why did it happen?”, “What should I do?”, or “Can I handle this?”. Although we all go through tough and challenging times, how we deal with them and learn from them is what determines our personal growth. That is why, if you ask me which unique opportunities or challenges are the most important for our growth as individuals, I will definitely say the latter.

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If you had asked me when I was in high school, 3 or 4 years ago, what my future was going to look like, I’d probably tell you “I don’t know”. So during that time, I was probably the type of student who didn’t care about having good grades. But when I entered my senior year of high school, I started to feel the added pressure because I was surrounded by smart and competitive people. And I remember how once I cried because I almost failed one of my subjects. And I was so embarrassed for myself. And those questions that I have mentioned earlier, I asked myself. But after that moment, I had a lot of realizations, realizations that made me who I am now. I realized that actually this is just a challenge that I need to overcome and I should use this challenge as my stepping stone to learn and grow. I started to give importance to my studies, I discovered something about myself, and started to do things that genuinely made me happy. At first, I had a lot of regrets in my mind like “It seems like I can do and I should have done this earlier”. But I think it has a reason because if I didn’t experience that kind of problem, I think I wouldn’t grow. And right now I’m still in the process of making myself the person I want to be.

In conclusion, to me, personal growth is more about challenges than unique opportunities through which we can recognize our strengths and weaknesses and learn what we need to improve ourselves. Although some people think that everything is fine with them and they don’t need to grow, I believe that personal growth is an important part of our lives. We must remember that if there is no growth, there will be no change. We should not be afraid of life’s challenges but accept them as an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves.

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