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I can clearly remember that family gathering. It was an early Sunday morning in Sydney, Australia, when my family and I attended the wedding of my uncle and his bride. The streets were unusually quiet for this early in the morning.

Giggles and laughter of guests could be heard from the other end of the ballroom, which helped to create a sense of melodic music, creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere filled with the up-most joy and happiness that this very moment should… no must bring. The sound of trumpets and saxophones all working in harmony was a delightful throwback to the 1950s. Keeping up the cheerful atmosphere while people danced in bliss. Some are more in tune with the music than others. The bride and groom both danced together, her hair was flowing like a golden river, long and slightly curly near the ends.

All unaware of the tragic events that would unfold… or at least that’s what I thought. Suddenly, the laughter died down. Any signs of thrills and enjoyment disappeared in a puff of smoke.

BOOM! The grand, marble doors were swung open with such force that it left all ears ringing due to the deafening sound. Also, leaving a lingering sense of dread and uneasiness. Click, clack! Click, clack! Click, clack! All that could be heard was the sound of high heels clicking against the flooring. No talking, nothing, just silence. All of a sudden, everyone began gossiping amongst themselves about who this mysterious woman was. All the guests looked shocked. Everyone. Everyone except the groom. He knew why she was here. He knew what he had done.

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Once again, the ballroom came to a standstill. The atmosphere was now dark and gloomy. It seemed really cold in the ballroom, maybe because it was so silent. All that could be heard was breathing. The groom was visibly sweating, like he had been running. His head was shiny, eyes flickering between the bride to his mistress. All the guests stared at them in utter disgust. Disgust from having a mistress and a wife at the same time. Everything was quiet. Quiet like a library. Nobody knew what to say. We all waited silently yet patiently for someone to explain what was going on, but nothing came out.

Suddenly, the mistress speaks up, “I have been having an affair with your husband-to-be!”. Her smirk was evident in her voice. All the guests gasped and looked around the room in utter shock and devastation. Everyone was confused as to why they would do something like this. Why would he betray her trust for some other woman he most likely didn’t even know properly? I thought this was going to be a normal family gathering with all family and friends and no distractions. Well, clearly that is not the case. I never thought my own uncle could or even would betray the trust of someone he loves, but I guess I didn’t know him as well as I thought. They have been together for as long as I can remember.

My uncle and his bride were both talking quietly amongst themselves and had decided to stay together. When I heard the good news, I was overjoyed. Cheering could be heard a mile away. With a huff and a puff, the uninvited guest slowly but lazily made her way to the entrance, making sure to glance back at all of us before she left.

The ceremony went on. All the guests cheered when they were finally united as one. This family wedding gathering was definitely one to remember.

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