Q1. Chemical reactors are the most vital parts of many chemical, biochemical, polymer, and petroleum processes because they transform raw materials into valuable chemicals. A vast variety of useful and essential products are generated via reactions that convert reactants into products. A significant fraction of our transportation fuel (gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel) is produced within process units of a petroleum refinery that involve reactions. Reforming reactions are used to convert cyclical saturated Naphthenes into aromatics, which have higher octane numbers. (i) Discuss any three types of chemical reactors employed in the petroleum/oil and gas industry with suitable design equation and a sketch. (ii) Explain the unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each reactor type.Note : The answer will be Paraphrasethe answer will be at least 10 pages or more Provide Some figures/ pictures with referenceHarvard Referencing should be followed for both in-text and listing references.refer to the attached books and other books form the internet related to Chemical reactions

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