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Twitter’s most important assets include its large user base, its platform for real-time communication, and its vast amount of data on user behavior and engagement. Additionally, its brand recognition, its algorithm that shows the most relevant tweets, and its partnerships with other media companies and celebrities are also considered important assets.

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Twitter’s business model has evolved since its foundation in 2006. Initially, the company relied mainly on venture capital funding and did not generate significant revenue. However, as the platform grew in popularity, the company began to explore different revenue streams (Work & Brand, 2020). In 2010, Twitter introduced promoted tweets, a form of advertising that allows companies to pay to have their tweets appear at the top of users’ timelines. This was the company’s first significant source of revenue. In the following years, Twitter expanded its advertising offerings to include promoted accounts and promoted trends, as well as data licensing agreements with third-party companies (Work & Brand, 2020). The company also began to experiment with e-commerce, allowing users to purchase products directly from tweets. Twitter utilizes machine learning in several areas of its platform to improve the user experience and drive revenue. Machine learning algorithms are used to identify and remove inappropriate content, such as hate speech and misinformation, making the platform safer and more enjoyable for users. Additionally, machine learning can be used to analyze users’ behavior and preferences, allowing Twitter to show them more relevant content and personalized recommendations. Twitter has taken several steps to improve “conversational health” on its platform, such as implementing new policies to address hate speech and misinformation, investing in machine learning technology to identify and remove inappropriate content, and providing users with more tools to control their experience on the platform.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Twitter, as more people turned to the platform for real-time information and updates on the crisis. This led to an increase in usage and engagement on the forum and also presented new challenges for the company in terms of moderating content related to the pandemic.


Work, J., & Brand, G. (2020). E-Commerce Business Model 2020.

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