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During the 20th century the unbridled growth of tuberculosis played a role in the generation of an outbreak, which fueled the rise of many other diseases like Syphilis. This enlarged escalation of disease supplied the public with undisclosed sequel and noteworthy danger. Expansion of sickness brought nothing but fear and miserable affection to the nation for many years. This emotional instability was augmented by the consequences of World War I, The Civil War, and The Great Depression. Despite the processes of trying to fold up the spread of disease, the notion of health is far from just trying to control it in one race. Instead, the idea of a healthy population should be assigned towards the need to help and support all races. The spread of tuberculosis implemented a negative threat to the health of the public since the government did not equally treat people of color compared to their fellow whites, ignored the fact that this problem could change the nation forever, and did not bother to reconsider the inequality that increased with the growth of tuberculosis in black communities and neighborhoods.

In the first place, it is important to state that with the spread of tuberculosis the federal started to design new law that could possibly decrease the spread of such diseases. One very important act was the “Pure Food and Drug Act”, which was originally designed to ban the processing and distribution of adulterated products because they could contribute to the spread and evolution of disease. However, these attempts by the authority to democratize the healthcare and provide equal chances for everyone did not manipulate any innate problems. Instead, these actions only took matter to the worse for African-Amricans who were considered inferior to white. Moreover, this also lead to the emergence of other health related problems like Sickle Cell Anemia and Hypertension, which was a symptom due to unhealthy food consumption and lifestyle in general. To illustrate, Alondra Nelson stated “ To be sure, African American equality had always been waged both below and above the Mason-Dixon Line…… Exemplified by events like Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s Freedom Summer Project” ( Body and Soul, 5).

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Furthermore, it is obvious that concerns about race shape understandings about tuberculosis significantly. After the end of World War I many white reformers accused black slaves and prostitutes were behind the increased number of people infected by diseases like Syphilis and Tuberculosis. As mentioned by Tera W Hunter, “The economics and political priorities of Atlanta as a relatively young city were different …….. But they did not deter slavery altogether” ( To ‘joy My Freedom, 9 ). This reveals the discrimination, unequality, and unjustified prejudice against African Americans.

In addition, this unfair injustice proceeded until the lives of innocent black and Latinx Americans were affected negatively from all aspects. The lives of people of color were at danger since they were considered to be inferior to whites and they were the main reason behind all of the disease that were viral at the time. Taking this matter to the worse man black communities were prohibited from the simple civil rights that they deserve. To illustrate, Nelson also stated “The hire-out system democratized access to slaves by enabling white wage-earners to benefit from the system, even as some white workers were forced to compete with slaves”( To ‘Joy My Freedom, 10 ). This serves as a clear evidence that there were no consequences for infringing the rights of others, especially, based on racial discrimination.

To conclude, it is key to note that the spread of disease was one of the chief principles behind the increase of racism and discrimination against minorities and that led to the imposment of health linked problems. The spread of tuberculosis posed a negative threat to public health as the government did not treat all people fairly, ignored the fact that this epidemic could have a long lasting effect, and did not bother to rethink the poverty that escalated in black neighbourhoods as tuberculosis developed.

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