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Nomadix is committed to providing high-quality internet services and access to its clients, enhancing their experiences, bringing innovation into the market, and ensuring that its collaborations with hotels and brands are effective and mutually profitable. This is a reputable and trustworthy company that is focused on ease of management and unparalleled reliability, and its creative and modern approaches allow Nomadix to achieve successes that are well-known and admired globally. Further, TSA Tech is a provider of IT and various home solutions – one of their recent updates is the introduction of TSA Smart Control: a new business development page with an orientation on smart hotels, offices, and homes. Its unique system works perfectly in any environment, be it an apartment or a hotel room. The options included are not limited to security cameras and gates, entertainment, and climate or lighting control. Therefore, considering the uniqueness and trustworthiness of both companies, it is possible to offer collaboration, and TSA Tech should become the only authorized distributor for Nomadix Casting Solutions in New Zealand.

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  • Nomadix Google Chromecast Management System for 352 Rooms of Crowne Plaza Hotel.
  • TSA Tech Smart Integration with Lighting, TV, and Alexa Voice Control.

Service Capability and Features


Overall, it is essential to discuss Nomadix Casting Solutions in detail, providing some interesting facts. First, Nomadix is an extremely successful network gateway equipment developer based in California and founded in 1998. There are numerous reasons to select and trust Nomadix as one of the leading and most effective companies in its field. Considering the fact that precisely Nomadix pioneered the technology that enables guest and tenant connectivity virtually everywhere, this highly creative and innovative organization strives to offer new options for its valued clients. For more than twenty years, the best hotels have been choosing Nomadix’s guest app solutions, PBX, and casting options, as well as voice-activated and touchless technology. The company’s success is probably based on the fact that Nomadix always makes sure its products and services are manageable, reliable, affordable, and scalable, which allows for competitive advantages.

Further, it is essential to discuss one of the recent initiatives of the company – Nomadix Casting. This is an easy and secure in-room entertainment solution that allows hotel guests to stream directly from their own devices. When traveling, many people still want to watch TV; this service enables them to cast their own content to the hotel TV without the need to log in or remember passwords. The latter is not currently offered by many alternative solutions on the market as other hotels require their guests to have personal accounts and share private information, hoping that the system is secure. Overall, some hotels that currently provide their guests with Nomadix solutions are Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Omni Hotels & Resorts, WoodSpring Suites: Extended Stay Hotels, Best Western Hotels, Four Seasons, La Quinta Inn & Suites, and many others.

TSA Tech

Further, it should also be quite informative to explore information about TSA Tech Smart Control in order to justify the possibility of selecting this company. TSA Tech operates in New Zealand and provides its clients with high-quality and customer-oriented services and goods since 2009. Noticeably, this company is a local authorized service center of ASUS monitors and devices, so it is possible to say that its collaboration with Nomadix is additionally justified and promising. TSA Tech ensures its clients of the offered products’ quality, safety, and affordability.

Generally, there are about five strong reasons why precisely TSA Tech should be selected as a New Zealand only authorized distributor for Nomadix Casting Solutions. First, this is a local company, meaning that it will be quite easy for customers to have their new devices and system installed and supported properly. The company will consider providing these services in a timely manner and possibly for free in order to encourage and thank loyal clients. Second, TSA Tech is already an authorized distributor of a highly respected and well-known brand. If the company becomes an authorized distributor of Nomadix Casting, people’s trust will increase, and the client base will expand. Third, TSA Tech means strong technology and extremely positive experiences, which are undoubtedly significant advantages of the firm.

Next, the company will provide its clients with a Free Digital Compendium – a very useful and informative tool. It will include a customized welcome page and an application, as well as an in-room stand. Last but not least, TSA Tech has signed a third-party local call center in order to improve client experiences and satisfaction. The call center will provide 24/7 support and services to hotel guests absolutely for free. As a result, these five reasons for TSA Tech to be chosen as Nomadix Casting Solutions distributor are quite convincing and interesting.

Nomadix Casting Website

Nomadix Casting Website

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Further, it is essential to discuss the interface of the hotel site that provides access to Nomadix Casting. The picture above shows the welcome page for the TSA Tech and Nomadix website presented by the hotel. This page will enable guests to get access to Nomadix Casting and stream their own content on hotel TVs. Noticeably, the content can include movies, music, and any other entertainment- or even business-related activities. As mentioned above, the steps are quite simple and do not require logging in or remembering passwords, which is one of the primary advantages of Nomadix Casting. Overall, the hotel guest will merely need to do the following:

  1. Connect their device to the hotel Wi-fi network;
  2. Either scan the presented QR code or enter the access code;
  3. And start casting and enjoying their time!

Indeed, these are quick and easy steps, which is why the service is so popular among hotel clients: they do not need to spend much time to register or be concerned about the security of their personal data. Finally, the welcome page’s interface is quite pleasant and understandable.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Further, a mobile application with a vast number of useful functions will be available for the guests. The app page attached above shows that the hotel, together with Nomadix, offers their clients to have amazing experiences and access to the necessary services through their devices. Thus, the Smart Control option will allow guests to easily manage lighting, temperature, and blinds via voice or smartphone – such simple solutions significantly improve their traveling experiences. For instance, after a long and eventful day, guests will be able to return to their hotel and even manage the temperature in their room without the need to ask the personnel for help. Further, the Food Menu, Services & Facilities, and Concierge will contain hotel information and services that can be updated at any time. This is a very valuable feature that is quite good for branding. Finally, Alexa@ is the voice control option, and Chromecast includes the steps necessary to begin casting, as well as answers for questions that guests might have.

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