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Life gets developed every day than the day before. New discoveries and inventions are found each minute. One of these inventions is energy drinks. According to the scientific research, energy drinks were first found in Japan. In the post-war period, amphetamines were very popular until laws were passed to limit their use in the 1950s. One of energy drinks definitions is: a soft drink that contains a high percentage of sugar, caffeine, or other stimulant, typically consumed during or after sporting activity or as a way of overcoming tiredness. Who can believe that a human can rely on a drink to have more energy for his body, but the real questions that should be answered are: ‘Are energy drinks really healthy for our bodies? And what is the truth behind energy drinks facts and effects?’. Many people may conflict on this point, despite the fact that some opponents think that energy drinks can really make them lose weight and keep them awake because of the caffeine found in them. I believe among many proponents that energy drinks damage out body parts, especially our heart muscle and beats. It also may lead to sleep disturbance.

Some people say that energy drinks can make people lose weight. They believe that energy drinks have the ability to make them burn fats and calories in their bodies. It is also able to give them the satiated feeling, so they don’t have to eat food. It might seem that these persons’ point of view is terribly wrong, however, what this argument failed to consider is that energy drinks do not help you lose weight on the contrary, it may lead to weight gain. According to Amy J. Jeffers, Katherine E. Vatalaro Hill, Eric G. Benotsch (2014), people who consume energy drinks for weight loss may suffer from disordered eating behaviors such as vomiting or using diet pills and engaging in other unhealthy weight loss. One of the main factors of weight gaining is high consumption of sugar, which is one of the main components found in the ingredients of energy drinks so how can it be a losing weight drink?! With reference to Amy J. Jeffers, Katherine E. Vatalaro Hill, Eric G. Benotsch (2014), individuals with high energy drink consumption were reported by taking diet pills to lose weight. To sum up, energy drinks may be the main reason for a person being fat. Consuming high percentage of energy drinks lead to high consumption of sugar for a human body that definitely leads to corpulence.

Some experts believe that energy drinks help you to stay awake for a long period. They say that due to caffeine that is found in several energy drinks is a main reason for keeping you awake and alert for many hours. Therefore, they say the more you have energy drinks in your day the more awake you stay in a day. However, this is so wrong. Energy drinks can help you to stay awake, but that happens at the expense of many others things. It also has several side effects. According to Ahmed A., Ahmed B. (2011), side effects that are in relation with caffeine consumption in amounts greater than 400 mg may include stomach ache, irritability, arrhythmia, increased urination, sleeplessness, and nervousness. Therefore, drinking a huge amount of energy drinks in one day for certain will lead to harm for your body. You will stay awake, but you will feel fatigued. Consequently, you will have a sleep disturbance and lack of sleeping. High consumption of caffeine will also lead to a disease in your body. With reference to Ahmed A., Ahmed B. (2011), overuse of caffeine consumption increases means arterial blood pressure and reduces insulin sensitivity. To sum up, caffeine is highly involved in heart attack deaths and serious other factors that may lead to death.

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It is clear that we have been fouled by the hidden fact and truth about energy drinks. In my point of view, I clearly believe that energy drinks harm our bodies in so many different ways. Because of the unnatural ingredients found in these energy drinks, our bodies’ response to it as if it is a harmful substance inside our body. One of the main bad effects is affecting our heart muscle and heart beats. According to scientific research, we found that energetic drinks are most commonly the reason for chest pain, fast heartbeat, jitteriness, headache or gastrointestinal effects. For sure this scientific research was able to answer our question about youth people death by heart attacks. It is commonly because high consumption of energy drinks that lead to fast rate heart beats that caused heart attack death. With reference to Anatol J. Cardiol (2018), caffeine causes sympathomimetic effects, increasing blood pressure and concentrated heart activity. Caffeine is a highly involved substance that causes blood pressure and increase heart activity, it is found with a huge amount in energy drinks so we can consider these drinks harmful not useful. To sum up, we drink energy drinks without knowing its side effects and how it may heart our body natural circuit.

Many of us may have uncomfortable sleep at night and suffers from sleep disturbance that can lead to a lack of sleep. Unfortunately, that is caused by energy drinks. According to Subin Park, Yeeun Lee and Junghyun H. Lee (2016), energy drinks that contains caffeine may also cause activation of methylxanthines, which may be related to psychological condition that includes sleep anxiety or memory. So, it is clear that energy drinks are negatively affecting our man’s nature and the bed time sleeping. If we say the human should sleep frequently 7 to 9 hours a day, we see that a high consumption of energy drinks may lead to fewer hours of sleep. Many people go to energy drinks so they can stay awake for the longest hours they can to work more and sleep less so they can earn and have more money. But no one ever thought about these drinks may affect their body health. Imagine having more hours of sleep than a normal person that for surely will lead to disruption of body organs like brain stomach. You will always feel tired and lack of concentration. With reference to Subin Park, Yeeun Lee and Junghyun H. Lee (2016), high consumption of caffeine has been associated with difficulty in sleeping and tiredness in the mornings. To sum up, we consume energy drinks by thinking that it may help us to stay awake unconscious of its harmful effects that may include sleep lack and tiredness.

In conclusion, now that two opinions about energy drinks are useful and healthy for our human body, one of them being against it by using arguments such as helping to weight loss and fat burn that can make us rely on drinks for gaining our energy and no need for food, also the ability of energy drinks to help us to stay awake for the longest time without effecting out bodies in a harmful way. It was explained why these arguments were weak, and how they were based upon insufficient and nonclear information. The other opinion being supportive of stopping the use of energy drinks, as it has been proved by several researches provided in this essay that energy drinks causing the change of heart beat rate that may lead to death, it also leads to lack of sleep and tiredness. It plays a major role in changing a person’s way of life. So, I recommend authorities to increase its supervision over energy drinks ingredients and its factories.

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