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Transformation plays a huge role in stories that are meant to scare us. It can create emotions that a story without transformation just simply can’t. An amazing example of transformation in a story is in ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’. In the story, the narrator went to visit an old friend, and when he arrives at the house, it looks run down it has cracks and is dark, and gloomy as described by the narrator: “I looked upon the scene before me upon the mere house, and the simple landscape features of the domain upon the bleak walls upon the vacant eyelike widows upon a few rank sedges and a few white trunks of decayed trees with an utter depression of soul”. In the story, this represented Rodrick Usher’s mental state, and over the story, the house began to break more and more until it collapsed when Rodrick died. Not only did his house transform the moods of the people around him were also transformed. As you read more of the story, you’ll see that the narrator’s mood goes from happy to scared and uneasy.

Transformation is also vital to other stories, not just the ones that are supposed to scare us. Transformation can be amazing in other stories such as those that leave you with a huge question This was used in the story ‘Where Is Here’. In the story, a strange man approached a house with a family of 4. The story states: “For years they have lived in a quiet residential neighborhood”. From this, we can gather that no funky stuff has gone on, but over time things started to transform into something bigger. When a stranger knocked on the door to look around their house, the family thought nothing of it when they invited him into their home, that’s when things got weird. After the stranger talked for a bit, the house started to transform into that stranger’s past the kitchen started to transform into an older-style kitchen from when the stranger was a kid. Not only did the kitchen change, one of the walls started to change as well. The stranger was describing his old house layout, and the house started to transform into his old house. Another weird transformation was towards the end of the story the father started to get more aggressive and the mom out of nowhere got a huge bruise on her forearm. This is what the stranger described his past that somehow came true to this family.

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Transformation can also be used outside of just books. Transformation plays a huge role in games that are supposed to scare us as well. Such as in ‘Undertale’, in this game you have to go through a series of quests, making your own decisions. What makes this game so popular is the way the game can change in minutes. Over time, the game will transform into a game of your creation based on the choices you make. An example of this is when the main protagonist has to choose between being passive or something called a ‘genocide run’, depending on which route you choose, the game will transform into a completely different quest. And this is the case with a lot of newer games coming out.

Another example of transformation is in the movie ‘Scarface’. In the movie, we follow the main character Tony Montana. He was a poor man from Cuba who immigrated to the United States. Throughout the movie, he transforms himself into a really high really respected cartel leader. Not only did he change himself, he transforms other people in the movie. Such as another cartel boss Sosa. Sosa was feared by people, but over the story, Tony transformed him into a saint and teaches him the way of God.

So, in conclusion, transformation plays a huge role in not only books, but also in games, movies, etc.

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