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Toll Group is a successful company that has made so much contribution in the world in logistics and supply chain industries. Toll Group is an Australian-based transport, logistics, and supply chain corporation with operations in over 50 countries and more than 40,000 employees (McIlroy, J. 2021). It was formed in 1888 and is owned by Japan Post Holdings, making it one of Australia’s oldest and biggest logistics firms. Toll Group offers air and sea freight, express and package delivery, storage, supply chain management, and industrial services to clients worldwide (Toll Group, 2022). The firm also provides various specialist services, including hazardous product handling, temperature-controlled shipping, and bespoke supply chain solutions. Toll Group’s worldwide network of facilities and offices enables it to serve clients with efficient, cost-effective, and dependable services. The organization is dedicated to providing superior customer service, innovation, and sustainability. Its dedication to innovation has allowed it to create a robust digital platform that enables clients to monitor their shipments, manage their supply chain, and obtain the most recent market data.

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Internal and External Environment Analysis

Toll Group’s external environment consists of several economic, political, cultural, and technical aspects that may have both sound and adverse effects on the organization. For instance, changes in government laws, economic cycles, and international trade agreements might affect Toll Group’s success. In addition, the greater use of technology and the globalization of markets have allowed Toll Group to extend its operations and enter new markets. Toll Group’s internal environment consists of the company’s principles, culture, resources, and personnel. Toll Group has been able to match its aims and objectives with its purpose and core values via strategic planning. In addition, the organization has invested in training and development programs to provide staff with the skills and information required to execute their responsibilities effectively. Additionally, the company has invested in digital technologies to enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Competitive Advantage

Toll Group’s capacity to provide comprehensive and cost-efficient supply chain services is one of its primary advantages. By streamlining the supply chain, Toll Group can offer clients cost savings and increased efficiency. In addition, the firm has a significant presence in the global market and can provide its services to consumers worldwide. Additionally, the corporation emphasizes innovation, investing in cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the competition. This involves using predictive analytics, innovative supply chain optimization technologies, and automated procedures. These advances contribute to the increased efficacy and precision of the company’s services, enabling clients to make more informed supply chain choices. In addition to its integrated services, Toll Group provides various value-added services to its clients. This involves providing clients with worldwide market information, advice on customs rules, and risk management help. These additional services make Toll Group a more appealing option for clients seeking a dependable logistics supplier.

A Diagnosis of the Sources, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Future Sustainability of the Competitive Advantage

The sources of the toll company’s competitive advantage include their ability to harness technology to cut expenses and enhance the customer experience. Their strengths include their ability to rapidly install new technologies and deliver more dependable customer service than their rivals. Lack of brand awareness and dependence on a single technological platform are major limitations. To preserve the long-term viability of this competitive edge, they must continue to harness technology to remain ahead of their rivals and boost brand awareness via advertising and marketing.


The Toll Group has a strong position in the global logistics industry, with a wide range of services and capabilities. Its strategic emphasis on strengthening its capabilities, notably in digital and technology solutions, will position it to benefit from the increasing need for more efficient and integrated supply chain solutions. However, the corporation is also vulnerable to various risk factors, including increased market rivalry, the possibility of disruption from new technologies, and the need to preserve consumer loyalty and confidence. The Toll Group can strengthen its strategic position and capitalize on prospects by proactively addressing these risks and exploiting its present strengths.


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