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Table of Contents



1.1 Prelude

In today’s advertising world , web sites owned the most significant part and so many business transactions are done with internet and without the direct contact of two parties.So in this case the web sites are recommenders of your goods and this issue is shown the significance of the ideal web design[1].

Apart from that, among other types of advertising, search engine advertising is leading the growth in terms of revenue .SEO is the abbreviation of search engine optimization. It’s definitely one of the most crucial steps to take in order to initial a profitable business on the Internet and often considered as the more technical part of Web marketing. It helps in the promotion of sites and at the same time it requires some technical knowledge – at least familiarity with basic HTML.

basically the idea behind the SEO techniques is that with the usage of this techniques- by structuring the web pages in an accurate format and make them more search engine friendly- as a result they can be found easily by the visitors through search engines .It means we are able to optimize the rank of the site in order to enhances the amount of the visitorsin view of the fact that having the high rank in search engines would absolutely increase the chance of visiting that site by customers.

In another words the position of the website in the search engines canmake or break the online business. It is needed to be in at least the top five search results for the keywords to be even noticed by the potential new customers. . Since this is a habit among the customers that they rarely refer to the next pages of the search and usually they remain on the first pages that have been shown by the first search result [2].

As a marketing strategy, SEOconsiders how search algorithms work and what people search for. It’s efforts is making the site more attractive to users by adding unique content to a site, ensuring that content can be easily indexed by search engine robots[3].

1.2The background of the problem

By the rapid growth of the internet advertising and online business transaction, gradually the importance of SEO as a key element in online marketing plans is going to be the number one issue that every organization should have been concern about. Since every person would search their web requirements in the search engines so that means the target web site should be in the high position in search engines among other available web sites to make the site to achieve its organizational goals.

Therefore following sentences are some opportunities that are obviously can be obtained by implementing SEO technique.

  • When it is done correctly; it benefits both site and site’s visitors because good SEO helps searchers get where they want to go
  • Since the fundamental goals of every organization is making money by selling a product or service by implementing SEO technique not only they will try to reach to the high rank in search engines but also with advantage of SEO and seen by the customers it will be perceived as high tech among other competitors .which is one of the most significant issues in a business strategy.
  • A well planned and effective search engine optimization campaign will not only bring visitors to the website but will bring targeted traffic that will convert into sales and enquiries. Anybody visiting the website via a search engine has already shown that they are interested in finding out more about that sites products or services and so making a sale is more likely.

1.3 problem statement

  • How SEO can effectively impact in UTM web site as a business point of view.
  • How to implement SEO in UTM web site.

1.4 project objective

The objective of this project includes:

  • To analyze whether UTM web site is required for optimization in search engine or not.
  • To analyze whether UTM site is rank well for search terms that are relevant to UTM business or not
  • To propose a SEO technique for UTM web site
  • To analyze the number of visitors on UTM web site.
  • To analyze issues in implementing SEO technique for UTM web site.

1.5 scope of the project

These are the scopes which define the boundary of the project:

  • This research will focus on analyzing current status of UTM web site in search engines such as Google and yahoo and the number of visitors on the site
  • This research will look at the UTM web site as if it is appropriate for SEO activity or not.

1.6 importance of the project

it is totally have been proved that when we are talking about the internet, search engines are the most effective tool for finding information all kinds and that’s why almost 100% of people who use the internet they use search engines as well in some way and also that’s why all the web owners hope to have high amount of traffic should optimize their sites. as it should be optimizing the web site to make it search engine friendly would absolutely increase the search engine ranking ,traffic level and

Potential earning from the web site and that would be the importance of SEO

Therefore some benefit of this thesis will be:

  • helping UTM web site to be found more easily by the visitors
  • supporting UTM web site to optimize in search engines
  • providing appropriate SEO model for optimizing the UTM web site

1.7 chapter summary

in the first chapter a brief introduction about the project and how the project is going to be implement has been discussed .the problem background and statement has also been discussed in this chapter to give an introduction of the project and to explain why this project has been proposed .the objective, scope and the importance of this project have also been pointed out .hopefully, by developing the project successfully, the objective and aim of the project can be achieved.



2.1 Introduction

The Literature Review covers all the areas that are of interest to the research study. The purpose of this chapter is to aid the author in having deeper knowledge and understanding on the research areas. Some concepts such as definitions, technologies, best practices and case studies of the current system will be analyzed. For readers, this chapter provides a general view of subject background, problems and some useful solutions.

In this research we will analyze some efficient and practical ways that are existed for promoting web sites and as a result we will conclude that which one is better to use for promoting UTM web site (as this research’s case study) in search engines. It’s better to select which Search Engine Marketing strategy is better for online marketing purposes. It also can be a combination of three, with different ways of reaching a broader market segment. It has to be learned how both operate and work in different ways in search engine.

2.2 identify different types of web site promotion techniques:

In the last decade the internet has revolutionized and also it has transformed the way many people do business. The role of World Wide Web as a major information publishing and recover mechanism on the Internet is now superior and continues to grow extremely fast. Twenty years ago the internet did not even exist and now with down speed broadband connection, it makes people feel as if something is not complete in life. The amount of information on the Web has long since become too large for manually browsing through any significant portion of its hypertext structure.

According to a recent Pew Foundation Internet and Project (January 2005), today ten millions of people have access to the Internet through over 100,000 computer networks in 150 countries–and the numbers continue to increase. Searching the Internet is one of the earliest activities people try when they first start using the Internet, and most users quickly feel comfortable with the act of searching [5][6] .

As a consequence, a number of Web search engines have been developed in the last decade: starting from the pioneering search engines such as Alta Vista, Lycos, Info seek, Magellan, Excite, to the most successful ones such as Yahoo and Google.

Moreover the emergence of the hypermedia-based WWW, together with point-and-click multimedia interfaces such as Netscape, has greatly increased usability of the Internet for persons without any professional computer knowledge. The development of “applet” technology, such as Java, which allows programs to run on a variety of platforms, increases the simplicity of various Internet services. In other words, by evolving the technology, it is no longer an obstacle to electronic commerce [6].

Websites have been created to promote the businesses, and their products, or services. Since website is more than an advertisement; it is found as one of the most important necessitate factor for the business. In some ways, it facilitates finding new clients and building relationships with existing clients. It can save the staff’s time by answering frequently asked questions. In other words, promoting website is promoting business. Thus, technologies that enhance Web search engines are of high practical interest. And website promotion should be part of every written marketing plan. That’s why it should be spent time, money, and effort to promote the website. These search engines consist of indexing engines for constructing a data base of Web pages, and in many cases crawlers for bringing information to the indexing engine.

There are as many ways to promote websites as they have depended on web site’s owner’s decision, which we focus on three of them such as banner advertisement, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertisement. Creativity and budget is the only limitation.

2.2.1 Banner advertisement

Banners are one of the most important methods of attracting visitors to website. Every website can use banner advertising.

One active area in electronic commerce involves using the Internet as a medium to communicate influential product and service information via advertisements. These take various forms, the most common of which are corporate Web sites and banner advertising. The first clickable web advertisement (which later came to be known by the term “banner advertisement “) was sold byGlobal Network Navigator(GNN) in1993to Heller, Herman, White and McAuliffe, a now defunct law firm with a Silicon Valley officeGNN was the first commercially supported web publication and one of the very first web sites ever.

Hotwired was the first web site to sell banner advertisement s in large quantities to a wide range of major corporate advertisers.Andrew Ankerwas HotWired’s first CEO.Rick Boyce, a former media buyer with San Francisco advertising agency Hal Riney & Partners, spearheaded the sales effort for the company.HotWired coined the

Banner advertisement is defined as: paid communication (via text, graphics, video and/or audio) of information about an organization and/or its products and services “by an identified sponsor” embedded within, and visually distinct from, information provided by an online service with hypermedia links to the sponsor’s Web site. Banner advertising are separated from simple hypermedia links (paid or not) to commercial Web sites: banner advertising conveys a message even if the user does not follow the link; simple links can only convey a message if the user follows the link. Banner advertisements are also distinct from what refer to as “flat ads,” single page advertisements that do not contain hypermedia links [7].

This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into aweb page. It is intended to attracttrafficto awebsiteby linking to the website of the advertiser. The advertisement is created from an image (GIF,JPEG, and PNG),JavaScriptprogram or multimedia object employing technologies such asSilver light,Java,ShockwaveorFlash, often employing animation, sound, or video to maximize presence. Images are usually in a high-aspect ratio shape (i.e. either wide and short, or tall and narrow) according to the reference of the banners. These images are usually placed on web pages that have interesting content, such as a newspaper article or an opinion piece. Typical web banner size is 468A—60 pixels [8].

When banner advertising has been ordered on, it can be chosen how much is needed for promoting the target web site. Options range from a modest 2,000 banner impressions to a very large 100,000 impressions. The more impressions is been ordered, the more it will be saved the money.

The web banner is displayed when a web page that references the banner is loaded into aweb browser. This event is known as an “impression”. When the viewer clicks on the banner, the viewer is directed to the website advertised in the banner. This event is known as a “click through”. In many cases, banners are delivered by acentral advertisement server [7].

The new online advertising model that emerged in the early years of the 21st century, introduced by (laterOverture, thenYahoo and mass marketed byGoogle’s Ad Words program), closely resembled the pioneer’s 1994 projection.

When the advertiser scans their log files and detects that a web user has visited the advertiser’s site from the content site by clicking on the banner advertisement, the advertiser sends the content provider some small amount of money (usually around five to ten US cents). This payback system is often how the content provider is able to pay for theInternetaccess to supply the content in the first place.

Web banners function the same way as traditional advertisements are intended to function: notifying consumers of the product or service and presenting reasons why the consumer should choose the product or service in question, although web banners differ in that the results for advertisement campaigns may be monitored real-time and may be targeted to the viewer’s interests.

Many web surfers regard these advertisements as highly annoying because they distract from a web page’s actual content or wastebandwidth. (Of course, the purpose of the banner advertisement is to attract attention and many advertisers try to get attention to the advertisement by making them annoying. Without attracting attention it would provide no revenue for the advertiser or for the content provider. Newer web browsers often include options to disable pop-ups or block images from selected websites.

These online advertisements are everywhere. As such their effectiveness as dropped over time. Studies show that simply having the words “Click Here” in the banner can increase click-through by up to 75%. Prices are ranged from free (for banner exchanges) to tens of thousands of dollars for targeted audiences on high-traffic sites [9]. The Effect of Banner advertisement on web performance

The recent research has shown that popular sites use advertising to generate revenue .The growth in the number and size of advertisements has caused significant delays for users. In an analysis of the top 100 Alexa sites in 13 categories, Balachander Krishnamurthy and Craig Wills have found that 56% of the pages contained advertisement accounted for about one-sixth of the objects and bytes in the averageWeb page that has at least one advertisement. The averagewebpage withadvertisement was 295K in size with 48K due to advertising. It contained 52 objects, 8.1 of which were advertisement, served from 5.7 and 3.2 servers, respectively. Another study of the effects of online advertising found that users not subjected to advertisement were 11% more likely to return or to recommend the site (McCoy et al. 2007)[10].

There is a trade off between the number of advertisement displayed and the corresponding increase in download time and user frustration. More advertising leads to a greater number of servers referenced per web page. This can reduce performance with additional DNS lookups and the inability to group object retrievals over persistent HTTP connections [10].

By looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each method and then weighing current financial situation and long-term goals, web owners would be able to make an informed decision as to which advertising method is right for them. Advantage of banner advertisement:

Banner advertising has the same advantages, and disadvantages, as traditional newspaper advertising.

The advantages are that it be can reasonably assumed, that visitors to certain websites might be interested to see the target service, and a percentage could click onto banner and therefore be taken to the target website [11]. Disadvantage of banner advertisement:

The disadvantages are that advertisement is paid with no guarantee that it will be seen or read by anyone. The effectiveness of such advertising is difficult to assess or measure although it is possible to install software tools on the target website which can indicate the sources of web traffic to your website. Banner advertising is now less popular than Pay-per-Click [11]. Case study (First Light Net company)

    First Light Net founded in August of 1998 Booyaa Clothing Company launched in Southern California with a design, the “Booyaa” name, and a vision of the most functional and stylish fishing short available on the market. As the popularity of their fishing short exploded in California and the word “BOOYAA” swept the nation, they quickly realized two things. They would need to expand their products to include hats, t-shirts, visors and that it was time to market nationally.With the cost of television and effective print ads, it seemed the internet offered by far the best value for expanding our market nationally[12]. Business Challenge

    Because expanding a local market nationally can be a very costly endeavor; Mike Romero was looking for a solution that could help finance the expansion while offering exposure for their brand at the same time. After thoroughly researching the television, and print options that were too expensive for the Return on Investment they offered, Romero found a powerful, cost-effective solution through First Light Net’s products and services. They expanded the market and brand awareness internationally, increased the margin in sales by selling direct to the consumer, and know has an ongoing revenue from online sales at his website. The return on investment is so much quicker then print or television, you see your sales increase immediately, as a manufacturer selling to the consumer the margin of profit is almost 20% higher, and the capital it takes to get started is a fraction of other forms of advertising”. Romero credits the following First Light Net services for their success online.

As an ongoing form of promotion banner advertising is the most cost effective way to promote our their site and promote internet specials.. “The bottom line is that we want to reach the most possible fisherman online in the most cost effective manner possible and they offered the best rates with the widest reach to our demographic.”

Maintaining top listings on a variety of search engines helps drive new visitors to BooyaaClothing.Com which increases sales. Romero uses First Light Net for all search submissions—a feature he greatly appreciates. Before working with Predatorily Advertising if the name of the companies names it could not be seen in search engine results, it is very important to be in the search engines. But now not only are listed but have solid placement in a variety of keywords. Having First Light Net handle his search placement allows him to concentrate on other areas of his business and having the search placement pays far more then the cost of the services they provide [12]. Business result and benefit

    It is increased efficiency and agility. Before using First Light Net for search placement and Banner Advertising, Romero had no search placement and he submitted his banner ads manually to individual sites for promotion, which took an incredible amount of time and was far more expensive (not to mention his concerns about how many unique anglers were seeing his banners). Using First Light Net he promotes on over 100 sites that average over 1 million unique outdoors people a month, and can see the results and statistics from one location using a user name and password [12].

2.2.2 PPC (Pay per click):

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising. In the Fall of 2000, Google started Ad Words, their do-it-yourself pay-per click advertising system. In this system, anyone can offer to have their ad shown next to the organic search results for specific keywords.

Pay-per-click is a strategy where users select keywords to be searched online, only this time user offer for those selections. They pay-per keyword selected; depending on how many offers there are placed on each word or combination the price might increase. When set of words have been selected and placed an offer, someone who types in those words online will automatically have this webpage on top of the search engine, making the ranking process beneficial, automatically being placed on top of the search engine that is been working with. In a PPC agreement, the advertiser only pays for qualifying clicks to the target site based on a prearranged per-click rate. Popular PPC advertising options include per-click advertising networks, search engines, and associate programs. Every click web browsers produce on PPC advertisement is helping to find that particular company.

Google Ad Words and Yahoo! Search Marketing charge businesses to obtain

visibility in their indexes or directories. the amount that is willing to pay per “click-through” is bided .The highest bidder shows up as number one in the search engines supplied with those results. Generally, there is offer on which key word or words the potential customers will use to find the target web site. This can be effective, but it can be expensive if it is offered wrong. Others charge a one-time flat fee to be considered for listing with no guarantee of being included in the database.

Webpage is worth money. WebPages owners should be making sure that everything has been arranged for customers to purchase what they offer. Offers may begin from as little as or less than 10 up to 50.00 USD per click. A sales strategy for PPC purposes needs to make customers easily reach the services or products.

Pay-per-click advertising is planned to explain to the general public mainly by Yahoo and Google in its sponsored ad links. Other search engines and some independent PPC companies also do pay-per-click advertising.

The webmaster wishing to do some PPC advertising offer and gets approved for the target keyword. Whenever an organic query for the specific keyword is started, the webmaster’s PPC advertisement gets shown on the right side of the first search engine results page. In Google’s case in particular, the PPC ad appears under the heading Sponsored Links. When a search engine user clicks on the PPC advertisement, the advertiser has to pay the search engine the agreed-upon price for every click, thus the name pay-per-click Advantages of pay-per-click Advertising

  • Nearly Instant Traffic – After setting up a PPC campaign, advertisement will often start showing within about ten minutes.
  • Laser Targeting – It’s easy to monitor which keywords bring visitors that actually convert and which don’t. Then web owners can focus on advertise spend on the highest converting keywords. Disadvantages of pay-per-click Advertising:

  • Every Visitor Costs Money – Some visitors may remember the site and come back again, but overall when it is stopped being paid, the visitors stop coming.
  • A High Converting Website is Critical – A good PPC campaign can drive lots of targeted traffic to the web site, but if the site doesn’t convince those visitors to convert, it’s all wasted money. A good web marketing company will help to optimize the site to convert.
  • Competition is growing – The amount of competition for those top 10 advertises spots are growing every day. This can only drive the cost per click up over time.

So it can be seen that pay-per-click advertising is useful for getting traffic immediately. It’s important to have a website that effectively turns visitors into customers in order to make more money than have been spent. Once it is established, PPC can be a powerful and profitable advertising method [13]. Case Study (Slenderstone Company)

Slenderstone company is the World leader in muscle toning products.Over 2.5million toning belts sold .It is established for over 40 years.Slendertone began running its own PPC campaigns in 2004.In 2006 Coast Digital were brought in to review online marketing strategy.As a result of consultancy the website was re-designed and Coast Digital engaged to manage PPC on behalf of Slendertone

Objective of applying PPC for this company is to drive more visitors to the Slendertone website and increase on-site conversion rates. Marketing activity focused on the creation of highly cost-effective pay per click (PPC) campaigns [14]. Results

  • Doubled the overall return on investment – A£11 for every A£1 spent online
  • Improved the on-site conversion rate by 50%
  • 500% growth year-on-year for May 2007
  • Increased the number of orders per month from 653 in September 2006 to 3,483 in May 2007
  • A huge increase in monthly online sales from 32k to 279k in 9 months
  • All growth achieved with no increase in the cost per acquisition

2.2.3 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This chapter as a literature review covers some definition about various kinds SEO tools which have been using mostly in SEO techniques and will see some list of SEO analyses as an example that have been done by different companies in order to provide deep knowledge and understanding of SEO and the reason for why we choose SEO among other existed ways in our case study which is the UTM web site.

When the search is done the vast majority of users used to click on any of the 3 first results. At the bottom of the page the percentage reduce dramatically and there is only a few percent that make it to the second result page, The purpose of an Analysis of the website from a search engine perspective is to look at the search potential for the different products or services. First it should have been made an analysis of potential keywords and its estimated search volume. After that the competition for these keywords should be considered. The keywords that will give the best return compared to investment would be the suggested keywords.

Mostly people start at Google when they want to find something. Statistics show that Google’s average users make about 80 searches per month. Having the site achieve high-ranking “organically” can be challenging and time consuming. Surveys and measured results find that less than half of web traffic for small businesses comes from search engine results. The majority comes from links and from directly typing in the site address. Page content, titles, headlines, Meta tags, alternate text for images, remarks, file names, “position”, “density”, and other factors contribute to a scoring system which ranks pages according to relevance to the searched-for term [15].

Recent studies have been shown that over 80 percent of all web traffic is generated via the three major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. As business owner it is needed to be sure that the target website appears on the first page for web searches that are relevant to the products and services, this is the purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)[15]. Advantages of usual search

  • Visitors Are Free – Visitors that find the web site through usual search engine results are totally free, so there’s a very high ROI on those clicks.
  • More Clicks – More searchers click in the usual search results than the PPC
  • A number 1 ranking in usual search will bring more targeted traffic than paying for number 1 placement via PPC.
  • More Trust – Most searchers trust Google, and when they see that Google considers that target web site the number 1 authority for their search term, most will naturally trust the web site as well, making it easier to convert those visitors into customers.
  • Nearly Instant Traffic – After setting up a PPC campaign, the ads will often start showing within about ten minutes.
  • Less Long Term Financial Investment – The initial investment in a usual search campaign depends considerably on the competitiveness in target industry. It’s important to think of it as a long term investment. Results can not be seen immediately, but by investing a little time and money each month, it can be gradually built the web site up in ranking to attract lots of free targeted traffic. Disadvantages of usual Search

  • Ranking Takes Time – the increases noticeable traffic may start to be seen within a few weeks to a few months. It all depends on the competitiveness of target industry.
  • Requires Investment in target Website – it’s needed to commit more time to get good organic rankings.With PPC, you simply drive visitors to a specific page and try to get them to convert. With organic search, you’ll need to build up a site full of good content that is useful to visitors and depict your company as the authority on the topic.
  • Competition is growing – The amount of competition for those top 10 ad spots is growing every day. This can only drive the cost per click up over time.

2.3 Comparison between to SEO and PPC

Most successful business people are too busy with their core business to concern themselves with website marketing methods. But much the same way the car wouldn’t have been bought without at least checking the make and model, the miles, etc., the basic difference between PPC and SEO should have been recognized. If not, most web marketing companies will stay the head and choose the method that is most profitable for them.

2.3.2 Combining pay-per click Advertising and usual Search

The ultimate marketing strategy is usually a nice balance of both PPC and organic search. It can be started driving traffic to the target web-site now through pay-per click while gradually building usual search rankings. As the site starts to rank highly for certain keywords in organic search, it be may be decided to stop offering on those keywords on the PPC side.

No single advertising method is perfect for everyone. It all depends on that target web site urgency to get sales; the amount of it’s willing to invest in the web site and long-term goals for that particular website.

2.4 Framework for search engine optimization

As it is shown in figure below, framework for search engine optimization include these for main aspect:

  • i. Content aspect
  • ii. Design and development aspect
  • iii. Popularity and promotion aspect
  • iv. Linking and networking aspect

2.4.1 Content Aspect

Nowadays, when the Web is so heavily populated with sites, it is somehow impossible to achieve steady top ratings for a one-word search string. Achieving constant top ratings for two-word or three-word search strings is a more realistic goal. If the dynamics of search results for popular one-word keyword is examined closely, it might been noticed that it is so easy one week to be in the first ten results and the next one- to have fallen out of the first 30 results because the competition for popular one-word keywords is so fierce and other sites may have been replaced. Keywords

Keywords are the most important SEO item for every search engine – they are what search strings are competes against. Keywords are the words or phrases with which be identified the target website and business. These are the words or phrases people generally use. They describe the content of the web site. The following things need to considered:

Generally, when optimization is been started, the first thing is needed to consider is the keywords that describe the content of the target web site best and that are most likely to be used by users to find that website. Ideally, site owners should know users well and can guess correctly what search strings they are likely to use to search for target website. However search engines themselves have special algorithms that contain synonyms in the keyword match.

Instead, more keywords should be considered that are likely to be used to describe the site. It might be difficult to think of all the relevant keywords on by ones own but that is why tools are for. Keyword Density

After choosing keywords that describe the site and according to interest of user’s interest, the next step is to have good keyword density for target keywords. Keyword density is a measure of the number of times keywords occur within a web page text .Generally; the idea is that the higher the keyword density, the more relevant to the search string a page is. The recommended density is 3-7% for the major 2 or 3 keywords and 1-2% for minor keyword.

    A 250 to 800-word page (including stop words not including meta-tag content and alternative text) is a good benchmark because a page with this amount of text generally contain real content on a subject .Once a page content is more than 800 word’s the site visitors will need to scroll many times to view the page’s content .

There are severe penalties like keyword stuffing which considered as a try to manipulate the search engine result and it leads to ban from the search engine.

For example as you can see below here is the figure of analyzing keyword density by using of free keyword density’s tool that is available on the internet .We considered Malaysian university as a keyword in order to compare UTM and USM web site’s as a competitor for these key word .

Figure 2.3: Example of word density Keywords in Special Places

    Location of the keywords should have been considered as an important factor – i.e. if there is more keywords in the page title, the headings, the first paragraphs – this is counted more that if there are many keywords at the bottom of the page. The reason is that the URL (and especially the domain name), file names and directory names, the page title, the headings for the separate sections are more important than ordinary text on the page and therefore, all equal, if there is the same keyword density as for the competitors but there is keywords in the target URL, this will raise site’s ranking amazingly, especially with Yahoo search engines!

The titles, URL’s and Headings should be able to express what the page is going to talk about. Stuffing of keywords can affect the ease of browsing and presentation of the website.

Below is the list of keywords that represents the market research that has been performed by Prime view, LLC. This keyword list is representation of the monthly

Searches that are being performed on the Google and Yahoo network (Google, Yahoo, Msn, AOL, and AltaVista.)

Figure 2.4: Example of keyword phrase research[20] Actual Content:

    Content is the most important factor for search engine rankings .search spiders examine page text looking for the frequency and patterns of use of various phrases. From a search engine’s ranking perspective ideal page content uses a target keyword numerous tomes throughout as well as headings and bullets.

In addition Search engines users should be provided with regularly updated text; therefore it seems that relevant material is a golden key for success. Generally, updating the site frequently will increase the probability that the spider will return to the site sooner. However there is no written rule that if it can’t taken for sure that if the site is updated daily, the spider will visit it even once a week but if there is no updated for the site’s contents regularly, this will definitely drop the site from the top of search results.

As a result it can be said that no matter what the business is, it is always recommended to consider a news section on the site – it can be company news or RSS feeds but this will keep the ball rolling. of content updating

    Depending on what the business is about, it can include different kinds of self-updating information like lists of hot new products, featured products, discounted items, even online calculators or order trackers. Unlike promotional pages, this might neither bring many new visitors, nor improve ratings but is more than nothing.

    News sections are one of more potential traffic trigger for company sites. It can be included news about past and coming events, post reports about various activities, announce new undertakings, etc. Some companies even go further – their CEO keeps a blog, where he or she writes in a more informal style about what is going in the company, in the industry as a whole, or in the world in general. These blogs will attract readers, especially if the information is true, rather than the official story.

An optional way to get free update materials is RSS feeds. RSS feeds are going to be more and more popular and even with a little bit of searching; it can be getting free content for almost any topic

2.4.2 Design and Development Aspects

Graphic design is another important aspect which led companies suggest in a high percentage of cases that the help site to be number 1 in page ranking .In addition this is an issue of how visitors can find the site easier amongst all other competitors. Bold and Italic Text, Duplicate content, Ovoid using of Images, Flash, Frames and JavaScript are the factors that are analyzing in this aspect. Bold and Italic Text

    When there is lots of text, there should be thinking for a way to make the important items stand out from the crowd – for both humans and search engines. While search engines (and their spiders – the programs that crawl the Web and index pages) cannot read text the way humans do, they do have ways of getting the meaning of a piece of text. Headings are one possibility, bold and italic are another way to emphasize a word or a couple of words that are important. Search engines read the text and get the idea that what is in bold and/or italic is more important than the rest of the text. But using bold and italic too much will spoil the effect, rather than make the whole page a search engine favorite. Duplicate content

Another important issue is finding that whether the contents are original or it is stolen from another site. But even if it is not illegal, i.e. it is obtained for free from an article feed, the text should have been changed a little, so it is not an exact copy of another page and cannot be labeled “duplicate content” by search engines. If it doesn’t manage to escape the duplicate content filter that search engines have imposed recently in their attempts to filter stolen, scrapped, or simply copied contents, the pages could be removed from search results.

    Duplicate content became an issue when tricky webmasters started making multiple copies of the same page (under a different name) in order to fool search engines that they have more content than they actually do. As a result of this malpractice, search engines responded with a duplicate content filter that removes suspicious pages. Ovoid using of Images, Flash, Frames and JavaScript

Search engines index files based on meaningful textual description index rather than directly put extras such as images, sounds, flash movies, JavaScript.

Although Images are an essential part of any Web page from a designer point of view they are not only an extra material but also most compulsory item for every site. However, designers and search engines are on two poles because as search engines point of view every piece of information that is buried in an image is lost. Sometimes it takes a while to explain for designers that having textual links (with proper anchor text) instead of nice images is not a desire and that clear text navigation is really obligatory. It is the way to find the right balance between artistic performance and SEO-friendliness.

Nowadays this is impossible, to have a site with “no images” at all. Sure, because the final result would be a most ugly site. It has recommended that images should be used for illustration and decoration, not for navigation or even worse – for displaying text (in a fancy font, for example). And the most important – in the attribute of the tag, always provide a meaningful textual description of the image. The HTML specification does not require this but search engines do. Also, it does not hurt to give meaningful names to the image files themselves rather than name them image1.jpg, image2.jpg, imageN.jpg. For instance, in the next example the image file has an informative name and the alt provides enough additional information : . Well, it shouldn’t have been writing 20-word tags for 1 pixel images because this also looks suspicious and starts to smell like keyword-stuffing.

In a same situation Animation and Movies are valuable from a designer’s point of view but are not loved by search engines. For instance, it is still pretty common to have an impressive Flash introduction on the home page. However it’s a big disadvantage with search engines and it is a number one rankings killer! And it gets even worse, if Flash is being used to tell a story that can be written in plain text, hence crawled and indexed by search engines. One solution is to provide search engines with a HTML version of the Flash movie but in this case it should be taken sure that Flash movie have been leaved out from the original indexing, otherwise it can be penalized for duplicate content.

10 years ago Frames were an absolute hit with designers but never with search engines. Search engines have difficulties indexing framed pages because the URL of the page is the same, no matter which of the separate frames is open. For search engines this was a shock because actually there were 3 or 4 pages and only one URL, while for search engines 1 URL is 1 page. Of course, search engines can follow the links to the pages in the frameset and index them but this is a problem for them.

Providing a meaningful description of the site in the tag is one of the most necessary items on using frame. tag is the place to provide an alternative version (or at least a short description) of the site for search engines and users whose browsers do not support frames.


This site is best viewed in a browser that supports frames.

Welcome to our site for prospective dog adopters! Adopting a homeless dog is a most noble deed that will help save the life of the poor creature.

It is has been known that pure HTML is powerless to make complex sites with a lot of functionality, although HTML was not aimed to be programming languages for building Web applications, so nobody expects that HTML can be used to handle writing to a database or even for storing session information. As required there was a need for other programming languages (like JavaScript, or PHP) come to improve HTML. For now search engines just ignore JavaScript they encounter on a page. As a result of this, first if there are links that are inside the JavaScript code, chances are that they will not be spidery. Second, if JavaScript is in the HTML file itself this clutters the html file and spiders might just skip it and move to the next site. Avoid using of Dynamic URL’s

The researches have been shown than SEO is more compatible with the static pages rather than dynamic pages .there are couple of good reasons why static URLs are scored better than dynamic URLs. First, dynamic URLs are not always there – i.e. the page is generated on request after the user performs some kind of action such as filling a form and submitting it or performing a search using the site’s search engine). In fact, such pages are considered as nonexistent for search engines, because they index the Web by crawling it, not by filling in forms.

Second, even if a dynamic page has already been created by a previous user request and is saved on the server, search engines might just skip it if it has too many symbols in it. In the past search engines did not index dynamic pages at all, while today they do index them but generally slower than they index static pages. The idea is not to return to static HTML and only Database-driven sites are great but it will be much better if pages are served the search engines and users in a format they can easily handle. One of the solutions of the dynamic URLs problem is called URL rewriting. There are special tools (different for different platforms and servers) that rewrite URLs in a friendlier format, so they appear in the browser like normal HTML pages. keywords in Meta tags

In the past tags were the primary tool for search engine optimization and there was a direct connection between what was written there and site’s position in search results. However, algorithms have improved and today the importance of metadata is falling day by day, especially with Google. But still some search engines show metadata, so users can read what have written and if they think it is relevant, they might go to the site. Also, some of the specialized search engines still use the Meta tags when ranking the site.

The Meta Description tag is one more way to write a description of site, thus pointing search engines to what themes and topics in Web site is relevant to. It does not hurt to include at least a brief description it. For instance, for the dog adoption site, the Meta Description tag could be something like this:


One way of using the Meta Keywords tags is to include a list of keywords that are relevant to pages. The major search engines will not take this into account but still it is a chance to emphasize target keywords. It may consider including alternative spellings in the Meta Keywords tag. For instance, the Meta keywords tag for the dog adoption site can be like that:

In Meta Robots tag the pages don’t want to be crawled and indexed. It happens when there are contents that are needed to keep in the site but is not needed to be indexed. Listing these pages in the Meta Robots tag is one way to reject them (the other way is by using a robots.txt file and generally this is the better way to do it) from being indexed.

2.4.3 Linking and Networking Aspects

    One of the most important measures for a website is how many other sites link to it. Having links to the website from reliable resources on the Internet helps to have a higher rank in search engines since these links are an indication that the website is trustworthy and contains good content. There are two types of links that are important in SEO – inbound links and out bound links. Outbound links are links that start from target site and lead to another one, while inbound links, come from an external site to target, e.g. if links to, the link from is an inbound link for We found a total of 87,642 inbound links to WWW.UTM.MY

The site can not be submitted to a lot of paid and free directories to order to generate quality backlines ( or Sometimes – i.e. a exchanging link should consider as an risky job and it is not recommended to do allot.

Anchor text is the most important item in a backline. While it does matter where a link comes from (i.e. a reputable place or a link farm), what matters more is the actual text the link starts from. Put simply, anchor text is the word(s) that is clicked on to open

The hyperlink – e.g. if there id the best search engine, than “the best search engine” is the anchor text for the hyperlink to You see that you might have a backline from a valuable site but if the anchor text is something like “an example of a complete failure”, you will hardly be happy with it.

Checking anchor text is also recommended whether there is a keyword in it or not. It is a great SEO increasing to have a lot of backlines from quality sites and the anchor text to include keywords.

Internal links (i.e. links from one page to another page on the same site) are also important but not as much as backlines. In this connection it is necessary to say, that using images for links might be prettier but it is a SEO killer. Instead of having buttons for links, it is better to use simple text links. Since search engines spider the text on a page, they can’t see all the designer miracles, like gradient buttons or flash animations, so when possible, either avoid using them, or provide a meaningful textual description in the tag, as described next.

2.4.4 Popularity aspect

Popularity has become increasingly important among the search engines .A web site popularity provides the search engine with the feedback about the site usefulness to a target audience. In other word’s more useful web sites are more relevant to a particular search.

If two web sites have similar text and spider -friendly link architectures, the site with greater popularity will consistently rank higher over time because

  • Credible web sites usually link to pages with valuable information
  • Site visitors tend to use the same web site over since the information it contains is relevant.

Therefore building a site that is attractive to both directory editors and the target audience is important for getting and marinating maximum search engine visibility

A popularity of search engine algorithm is consisting of following components:

  • Link popularity
  • Click through popularity link popularity

    Search engines are the gateway to the Internet; they are the first tool that potential customers use to find the products and services they need. This is why link popularity is so imperative. If the customers do not find the site, there will be no possibilities of making any Sales.

    Search engines are discretionary, giving status and ranking to sites that have links to their pages from related, quality sites. It’s a simple formula, but a very important one. Google created the system, and now virtually all the most popular search engines employ it to rank the web pages in their indexes.

    The more commonly used the keyword is, the harder it will be to achieve link popularity, but without achieving this step, it is almost certain the target web site will never rank highly on any search engine[17].

2.4.2 SEO tools:

  • Ranking Tools:Google Rankings, Yahoo Search Rankings and Alexia Page ranking tools are ranking tools that can be considered.
  • Page Rank Tools: Page Rank Tool can be used to check the Page Rank of websites.It will query and return Google Page Rank values for submitted URL from various Google datacenters.
  • Keyword Suggestion tools: Keyword research is the first step to every SEO campaign.A keyword research tool is a must have.Google Ad words Keyword tool, Google suggests and Search term researches are valuable ones.
  • omain Dossier: investigates domains and IP addresses.
  • IP Address report: checks for a duplicate Class C block or Class C subnet IP address in a list of websites, these can be either hosted affiliate and internet marketing sites or potential reciprocal link exchange partners.
  • Link popularity checker: is one of the best ways to quantifiably and independently measure your website’s online awareness and overall visibility. Simply put, link popularity refers to the total number of links or “votes” that a search engine has found for your website.
  • Backline Check Tool: is a tool is to check the backlines and the anchor text used in those backlines.
  • Cache. It: besides searching and finding cache pages, it also gives a graphic view of the results over a period of time.

2.4.3Search Engine Submissions

Submit target website to paid and free search engines. The main purpose of SEO is to make the target site visible to search engines, thus leading to higher rankings in search results pages, which in turn brings more traffic to the site. And having more visitors (and above all buyers) is ultimately the goal in sites promotion.

After it is finished optimizing new site, time comes to submit it to search engines. Generally, with search engines it is not needed to do anything special in order to get site included in their index- they will come and find the site. Well, it cannot be said exactly when they will visit the site for the first time and at which duration they will visit it later but there is hardly anything that can be done to invite them. There is a place in Site pages for submitting the URL of new target site. What is more, even if the URL is submitted , most search engines reserve the right to judge whether to crawl the site or not. Anyway, here are the URLs for submitting pages in the three major search engines: Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

Google, Yahoo!, and MSN are not the only search engines on Earth, or even the only general-purpose ones. There are many other general-purpose and specialized search engines and some of them can be really helpful for reaching your target audience – Some of them are actually huge sites that gather Web wide resources on a particular topic but almost all of them have sections for submitting links to external sites of interest.

So, after finding the specialized search engines the URL should be submitted in their site – this could establish more traffic worthy than determined to get to the top of Google. Submission to Directories, forums and special sites – Paid and Free submissions

In addition to search engines, the site can be included in search directories. Search directories also list sites that are relevant to a given topic; they are different from search engines in several aspects. First, search directories are usually maintained by humans and the sites in them are reviewed for relevancy after they have been submitted. Second, search directories do not use crawlers to get URLs, so it doesn’t need to go to them and submit the site but once it is done, it be can stayed there forever and no more efforts on are necessary. Some of the most popular search directories are DMOZ and Yahoo! (the directory, not the search engine itself) and here are the URLs of their submissions pages: DMOZ and Yahoo!.

    Sometimes posting a link to the site in the right forums or special sites can do miracles in terms of traffic. There is a need to find the forums and sites that are leaders in the fields of interest to the target site but generally even a simple search in Google or the other major search engines will recover their names. For instance, if it is typed “hardware forums” in the search box and in a second there is a list of sites that are favorites to other hardware freaks. Then it is needed to check the sites one by one because some of them might not allow posting links to commercial sites. Posting into forums is more time-consuming than submitting to search engines but it could also be pretty rewarding.

No SEO professional would deny that SEO tools makes life easy. Right from keyword research to making reports after an SEO program, SEO tools are needed at every step of running a search engine optimization campaign.Here are some SEO tools that is required in order to run an SEO campaign:

2.4.4 Case study (Blue cat design industry)

Blue Cat Design specializes in creating premier Web sites and in providingSEO Search Engine Optimization Services. They have created more than 300 sites since 1995

Their experience with the Web can help the organization benefit immediately from this technology and aid in positioning the site for long-term growth. They make it our business to help site owners effectively promote their products and services to the target market whether that audience is regional, national or global.

To create an effective Web site takes much more than HTML coding and computer skills. It takes advanced graphic design skills and strategic internet marketing expertise. Blue Cat Design’s CEO and Creative Director, Christine Collie Rowland, brings twenty years of graphic design and marketing expertise to Web site project. She has assembled aprofessional teamof designers, illustrators, writers, animators, programmers and marketers that can offer a level of experience and quality rarely found in today’s Web market [19]. Example SEO Case Study for Fair Oaks Skin Care Clinic

During the past nine years of promoting client’s sites on Internet, Blue Cat Design’s Internet marketing specialists have learned the search engine optimization techniques that work. They have had ongoing success generating website traffic to client websites through SEO copywriting and optimization services for a complete search engine positioning and conversion strategy.

Fair Oaks Skin Care Clinic is a dermatology medical clinic located in Fair Oaks, Fairfax, Virginia. The clinic doesn’t sell products over the internet so the goal for their website was to attract new patients to their clinic. They wanted a targeted response from their site – to get local and regional potential patients from their area to phone their office. They did not want to overload the clinic staff with queries from other states and countries that had no possibility of becoming a patient at their clinic.

With those goals in mind, Blue Cat Design’s SEO team performed bothSearch Engine Optimization Copy Writing and Editingin adding to code optimization in order to make their site work for their target clientele [19]. Result

They were able to achieve a 208 top 10 rankings, including a outstanding 101 #1 position and they could increased the client’s site traffic by more than 1000% or ten times.

2.5 Chapter summary

In a summary it can be conclude that search engine optimization is one of the many currently available Internet advertising solutions which are as online marketing for businesses on the Internet. Therefore via different types of optimization techniques available, SEO with the great long term ROI and more branding and awareness is the best choice. Although it may takes a lot of time and works for designing and development of SEO technique’s but it is more preferable than PPC and banner advertisement ,since with all the fact that they are having quick set up but they are much more cheaper .

In addition if we want to analyze as a customer relationship point of view as a figure below we can see that by increasing the effectiveness of the optimization techniques the total cost that they take will decrease .It means for example banner needs too much cost with less effectiveness.



3.1 Introduction

Methodology is an organized, documented set of procedures, rules, principles and guidelines that describes how something will be done. It includes the frameworks, techniques, methods, patterns and procedures used to accomplish a set of goals and objectives. This chapter provides a clear guideline on how the project goals and objectives shall be achieved. Three main phases should be completed regarding to accomplish the goals of this research. Each of these phases will be discussed by details in this chapter.

3.2 Project Methodology

Project methodology is the guidelines to ensure that project is conducted in a disciplined and well-managed manner. By the implementation of mythologies, programs, documents and data can be achieved as a result of activities and tasks that are included in the methodology.

In order to get some information about the UTM web site problems and challenges, some analyses were carried out. The required methodology for this study started from initial planning, an analysis of the general web optimization issues in a business point of view, and at the final phase we are going to proposed SEO technique for UTM web site. Figure 3.1 shows the project methodology framework.

3.2.1 Phase 1: Initial Planning Phase

The project starts with the first phase that is Initial Planning. The main purpose of

Figure 3.1 Project Methodology Framework

This phase is to define the goals, scope and methodology of the project. First of all, the title of the project is discussed with the supervisor. The objective of the study is analyzed and identified according to the problem statement. Project scope is identified to draw the boundary of this study. Finally, some researches on the background of the study are done in order to decide on the methodology of the study.

3.2.2 Phase 2: Analysis

Data analysis is the process of looking at and summarizing data with the intent to extract useful information and develop conclusions. In this phase, few activities are carried out such as literature review, identify problems of optimization issues in UTM web site .At this phase, the aim is to gain an in-depth understanding of promoting web site techniques specially SEO technique. Literature Review

The literature review is an essential stage in conducting a research project. Reading and appraising what other people have written about the subject area are also very important. According to Naoum (1998), it can be both descriptive and analytical. It is descriptive in that it describes the work of previous writers and it is analytical in that it critically analyzes the contribution of others with the view of identifying similarities and contradictions made by previous writers.

A review of the literature has the following purposes:

  • To justify choice of research question, theoretical or conceptual framework, and method;
  • To establish the importance of the topic;
  • To provide background information needed to understand the study;
  • To show familiarity with significant and/or up-to-date research relevant to the topic;
  • To establish study as one link in a chain of research that is developing knowledge in related field.

In this stage, essential things such as the different types of useful techniques that are existed for web site optimization, way of doing those techniques (especially SEO) their benefits and disadvantages, evolution and benefits and other related studies were identified and analyzed. Identifying UTM web site’s problem as a case study

The purpose of this part is to identify UTM WEB site’s problems with outsourcing projects, so data collection is very important. Establishing a data collection process should be seen as a fundamental step at the start of any improvement activity.

A data collection process ensures that a project can efficiently and accurately collate data enabling to measure and establish a baseline of current performance whilst quantifying later improvements. Without accurate and timely information, improvement projects can flounder, change agents may guess at fixes and resultant solutions are inappropriate.

Research methods for data collection can be classified in various ways. However, one of the most common distinctions is between qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Quantitative data collection methods are used to study natural phenomena. They rely on random sampling and structured data collection instruments that fit diverse experiences into predetermined response categories. They produce results that are easy to summarize, compare, and generalize.Examples of quantitative methods include survey methods, laboratory experiments, formal methods such as econometrics, and numerical methods for instance mathematical modeling.

Qualitative data collection methods are used to study social and cultural phenomena. They play an important role in impact evaluation by providing information useful to understand the processes behind observed results and assess changes in people’s perceptions of their well-being there are different ways for collecting data such as questionnaire and interview. Qualitative data sources include observation and participant observation (fieldwork), interviews and questionnaires, documents and texts, and the researcher’s impressions and reactions.

In this project, for collecting data about the UTM web site problems, we use qualitative data collection, which is interview. The interview questions are attached in Appendix A.

3.2.3 Phase 3: Propose a SEO technique for UTM web site

In this phase, researcher after analyzing of collected data about UTM website and general information about existent techniques should propose appropriate technique or list of suggestions for the UTM web site based on the SEO technique.

3.3 Conclusion

This chapter discussed various aspects of the study related to the research design, including the method, data collection processes and data analysis techniques. Based on the project methodology framework presented in figure 3.1, three phases were structured in this project.

Moreover, a case study method was chosen for the depth of the study, especially in understanding the process of implementation of SEO technique.

Similarly, data collection and analysis techniques from the interview questions were selected so as to maximize the reliability and validity of the data, and subsequent findings.



4.1 Introduction

This chapter covers the analysis of current situation of the case study. The case study for this project is UTM web pages where here we focused on one of the department in FSKSM – Faculty of Computer Science and Information System which is. Findings from this analysis provide the researcher with a solid ground in implementing the framework.

4.2 Organizational Analysis

Before proceeding with any analysis, it is very important to understand about the case study which is one of the UTM web pages Department of Computer Graphics & Multimedia in a Faculty computer Science and Information System

The Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia was established in 1995 as part of the UTM’ s effort in positioning the Faculty of Computer Science and Information System as the leading institution for learning computing science. They are the pioneer in computer graphics and multimedia education in Malaysia’s public university. They have been offering this unique program continuously since their establishment. Their department offers an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science (Graphics and Multimedia Software). Currently, their student body comprises of 60 undergraduates, 12 graduates. The departmental staffs consisted of 1 full Professor, 4 Associate Professors and 21 lecturers. With very low students to staff ratio, there is a hope that the students will enjoy an environment where they can develop and apply their abilities in learning and research undertaking.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Information System is. Situated on a hill, the five-storey building consists of several departments which contribute to the whole Faculty. The Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia is one of the sub-division of the faculty and is located on the west wing’s second floor. From computer labs to lecturers’ rooms, everything that is related to graphic and multimedia is being controlled there.

4.2.1 Department of Computer Graphics & Multimedia Mission, Vision and Objectives

The essence of computer graphics is the visual synthesis of real and imaginary objects which are indistinguishable. The ubiquity of computer graphics in everyday life cannot be denied anymore. It provides the enabling technology for a wide range of applications in the sciences, engineering, arts, and entertainment. This department is committed to teaching, developing and preparing students to be the best-practitioners in the area of computer graphics and computer games development. By having diverse resources in terms of expertise, staffs and students, our department will emerge as the premier learning institution in Malaysia.

4.3 Interview Analysis

The goal of interview is to understand the UTM and specially FSKSM web pages challenges and problem with the ranking issues in search engines. The interview was held with Mr. Noor Azman Departmental Research Coordinator-of the department of computer and multi media. Interview questions are attached to the project (Appendix A).

Through the interview UTM reasons for applying SEO and users Satisfaction of web page’s ranking quality and others can be determined. Also this interview can help us in gathering essential information to give suggestions to this department for solving their ranking problems.

In first step it is discussed about three ways for the user to access to the UTM web site

  • Search engine
  • Referring web sites (such as facebook)
  • Direct URL

In addition the researches have shown that almost 70% of users are using the search engine as a more convenient and common way for accessing the UTM web pages. Therefore the importance of the SEO is becoming more outstanding. The more the page has a good strength in SEO factors such as keywords and Meta tags; the more it can be visible through the search engine and they be easily found by the users. Since the analyses shows that UTM ranking is some how good but it can be better than this

The problem that has identified is that, UTM web pages, including all the faculty pages and all the department are around half million pages, therefore at the first look it seems somehow impossible to apply SEO for all of these pages, it needs spending too much effort and time, and also, it requires a lot of people for analyzing all these page and using SEO tools and get the result.

But they are still trying to do it. The least thing they could do for solving this problem was that they tried to focus on the each faculty’s and departments front pages.

    We have 2 kinds of pages:

  • Dynamic pages
  • Static pages

SEO is more compatible with static pages and static pages deals with the HTML programming language. It seems it’s not impossible but it just needs time to make the processes quick stage by stage. And make no static pages to look static.

In effort of solving this problem they plan to employ some students as an aid for helping them in this effort .they will provide the workshop in order to train them the essential part of SEO.

Regarding the fact that web audit which means to audit the content of the page has to major tasks:

  • Audit the accuracy of the information
  • SEO

FSKSM implementing started from 2005. Their reasons for using SEO are quite clear since it’s the fundamental and most important thing that should be consider in order to have a successful business revenue. Their problem is the lack of adequate technicians. Since this SEO project is very huge, they don’t have enough technicians to handling the project, or the technicians don’t have related knowledge, so they have to break the whole UTM web page project to the smallest part like departments and Faculties to get the quick and better result.

UTM web pages owners has problems while applying SEO technique such as

  • The large amount pages which make it very hard to analyze all the SEO factors and tools in every page.
  • Time problems, because developing web audit concluding SEO is time consuming
  • Not having enough technicians. For development project, the analysis and requirement definition stage takes more time,

There are some benefits they can get from implanting SEO, including:

  • Visibility of the target web pages will be increase in search engines
  • As a result there will be more visitors to the site
  • Consequently as a business point of view by increasing the amount of visitors and growth the traffic of the site in search engines, revenue will increase

4.4 general proposed framework for SEO

We proposed a general framework for managing the SEO project. On the next project the framework should be tested and maybe some changes will be necessary. Also we exactly identified which processes of SEO are associated with which stages of software development project.

4.5 Chapter summary

This chapter describes organizational structure of the FSKSM and its functions. Computer Graphics & Multimedia in a Faculty computer Science and Information System interview was analyzed. It helps to understand current situation in the organization and identify necessary processes that should be implemented. We found some of SEO processes regarding FSKSM, and finally just proposed a general framework.


  1. Katherine and Jeffrey Parsons.’ A framework for targeting banner Advertising on the Internet ,IEEE Thirtieth Annual Hawwaii International Conference ,1997
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  1. Do you use SEO technique for the UTM web site?
  2. If you are using this technique what kind of problem do you have?
  3. How much does it cost for you?
  4. When can you estimate that it you can get the good result?
  5. What are the activities that you did for solve these problems?
  6. Do you know mostly how your users find your site?
  7. What are the difficulties in applying SEO for UTM web site specially FSKSM?

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