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A business customers are their biggest assets because without them, no business would grow well and no business would succeed in their endeavours; in fact, there would be no purpose for business at all. You cannot pick them up and drop them whenever it satisfies you, no matter how galling they may become. You need to retain them, and you need to develop your relationship with them so both business and customers are satisfied. By building trust between business and your customers, you are establishing better work ethics in your employees, improving your business reputation and most importantly, you are providing something of worth to your customers. There are three types of Trust based in customer relationship within a business; they are Calculus Based Trust, Knowledge Based Trust and Identification Based Trust. I will elaborate more in my following points.

Calculus based Trust exist when business and customers are developing trust at first time they meet or build up a relationship between business and customers. This type of trust takes deterrence a step further. This form is grounded not only in the fear of punishment for violatin trust, but also n the rewards for preserving it. Trust is based on a calculation comparing the costs and benefits of creating and sustaining a relationship versus the costs and benefits of severing it. For deterrence to be an effective threat, the potential loss of a relationship must outweigh the parties. The person has been harms must also be willing to follow through on threats of punishment. Control of another persons behaviour is central to calculus based trust or CBT. A metaphor of for growth of calculus based is tactical climbing as in scaling ladders or mountains. Parties coordinate their actions as they increasingly take risks and reveal their vulnerability to each other

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Knowledge Based Trust is the most and common trust and it is based on the behavioural predictability that comes from a history of interaction. This type of trust exists when an individual has enough information and understanding about another person to predict that persons behaviour. Accurate prediction depends on understanding, which develops from repeated interactions, communication and building a relationship. It is different from calculus based trust is founded not on control but information. Parties cultivate knowledge of each other by gathering data, seeing each other in different context and experiencing each others range.

Identification based trust occurs when parties understand and endorse one another and can act for each other in interpersonal transactions. This requires parties to fully internalize and harmonize with each others desires and intensions. Certain activities enhance trust based on identification. For instance, Eveni Carruthers store and their customers can assume a common identity. They can co-locate, create joint products and goals and share core values. This type of trust builds on trust based on knowing predicting another persons needs and preferneces; these needs and preferences are also shared . It also enables us to think, feel and respond like the other person.

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