Chapter 5 Discussion: The Elgin MarblesWatch this video clip: viewing this debate on the Elgin Marbles, write a one-paragraph response stating what YOU think their fate should be. Should they remain in the British Museum in London, or do you think they should be returned to the Greek government? As part of your response, look up ONE ARTICLE online (provide the link) that addresses the controversy. Does it influence your opinion in any way? Address ALL questions in your response. Respond to another studentRead everyone else’s initial posting.Choose at least 1 other student’s work to respond.Write at least 4 sentences commenting on the aspect of their discussion.Feel free to continue the conversation and ask questions too.You must complete all parts of this assignment to receive credit.(Minimum initial posting150 words, response 50 words; 25 points)This discussion assignment will be graded based on the Discussion Board grading rubric, which is attached to the discussion forum. You can find the grading rubric following the directions on how to view the rubric for a graded discussion.

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