Chapter 7 -What are Functionalism Theory and Communication System Theory? -List and briefly explain the 4 classic functions of media. -What is the meaning of Manifest and Latent functions of media? -Define Narcotizing Dysfunction and Mass Entertainment theory? -List and define 4 Television violence theories as contained in your PPt presentation? Chapter 8 -Describe the development of cultural theory perspective incorporating the contributions of the -British Cultural theorists and the Frankfurt School scholars? -Define Symbolic interactionism and Social behaviorism? -What are the contributions of the following Scholars: Stuart Hall (be sure to incorporate Representation), Marshal McLuhan (incorporate “The medium is the message”), and Harrold Innis? -What is political economy? Give example? Chapter 9 -What is Uses and gratifications theory – include theorists? -In discussing “active” audience, what are Blumler’s (1979) meanings of “active”? -What is semiotics (de Saussure) give example of how this can be applied to media studies? -Three kinds of meaning include: Preferred/Dominant, Negotiated, and Oppositional. What do they mean – give example of how a text can be construed using all three kinds of meaning. Chapters 10-12 -“News is a force capable of shaping our world” – considering various sources of news available today, does this statement still hold true? Why or why not? -What is Diffusion Theory? – include theorist and basic tenets and process. -What is Social Marketing Theory – what are its features? -What is Knowledge Gap Theory? Does information age translate to knowledge age? Explain your answer. -What is digital divide and what causes digital divide? -What is Agenda Setting Theory? Discuss the legitimacy of this theory in light of social media especially Twitter

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