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Ethical leadership is a two-part process involving personal moral behavior and moral influence (Johnson, 2018). Ethical leaders consider long-term effects, downsides and profits of the decisions made by businesses, company’s or other organizations. In the film ‘The Social Network’, it depicts the Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg and his team, designing the social media website that would famously be known as ‘Facebook’. The efficiency of leadership of Zuckerberg and other characters are analytically evaluated

‘The Social Network’ deals with a wide range of matters involving determination, friendship and envy. Mark Zuckerberg, a socially awkward college student with a sarcastic and confident attitude, endured the characteristics of a great autocratic leader by having both good and bad traits. Seen by the most of his friends, enemies and employees, Zuckerberg is a tech prodigy that is ambitious toward all his projects. He presented leadership qualities by always being aware of the needed development of the company ‘Facebook’. As an observant leader, he always tries to make the business more interesting. Aside from that, Zuckerberg appears to have rather more front-runner feature, with both employees and other individuals. Although, he does let his dark side of leadership get the better of him by burning bridges with essential people within the company circle. Through his reputable technological skills in coding, programming and the creation of ‘Facebook’, along with other websites, he gained power by widespread conversation between individuals to countless universities.

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Leaders perform as exemplars for their followers and display the behavioral limits set within establishments. They are perceived as trustworthy, honest and demonstrate integrity. An admirable quality that Zuckerberg had as a leader is that he is open to ideas and is business generous to his team members. He mainly persuaded his friends into joining the ‘Facebook’ website team by offering an agreement and job position such as CFO. An unethical way of leadership was when Zuckerberg hosted an alcohol-driven interview to see which individual could code the fastest while engulfing in shots of alcohol. From the first sighting of Sean Parker, Zuckerberg along with the relationships with the rest of the team, began to transform in a negative way. Sean Parker was portrayed as a charming, handsome, talented billionaire who is surrounded by beautiful women. This made Zuckerberg vulnerable to Parker because he saw an individual with power and potential and felt as if he could become this as well. The Winklevoss twins approached Mark about coding a new social network called ‘Harvard Connection’. When Zuckerberg reinvented their idea into ‘Facebook’ this created a law suit against him. Saverin behaved well during the trial interactions while Zuckerberg behaved poorly in an ethical manner in their interactions with the Winklevoss twins. Zuckerberg gave a sharp, sarcastic attitude during the trial toward the twins, while Saverin remained calm and collected.

People are progressively distributing personal information online through social networking sites with little to no concern for whom may be watching. Many unethical issues faced today consist of inappropriate distribution of media, invasion of privacy, and public bashing. While using social networks, people believe that they are secure and private, although are increasingly more vulnerable to unethical disputes. When the proper ethical dilemmas are faced, fewer social networking issues occur.

In a business world, leadership skills are crucial for both personal and professional development. Along with the development of technology, the increase of social media websites is expanding. Therefore, with the development of ethical leaders, respect and values arise and the idea of toxic leaders will weaken.

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