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‘The Walking Dead’ has shown that the biggest part of the terrifying end of the world is how much it can change someone. A person can be affected physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Governor is a great example of someone who has gone through all three changes to the greatest extent.

Before the zombie apocalypse, Phillip Blake was simply a father and person who takes care of his daughter Penny Blake. Penny was the one thing that he feared he could not live without. In the show, we were not really given much about what life was like. I was told that Penny would not be alive in any of the scenes, so I was expecting to see the Governor’s daughter last a couple of episodes, sadly they chose to have her killed off and shown only as a zombified girl. However, in ‘The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor’, a novel written by Robert Kirkman, we were given an understanding of what Penny’s life was like before and during the zombie. She was very interested in what was happening around her, but she always stayed close to her father and one of her father’s friends named Brian. Phillip Blake was shown to be a heavy drinker before the terrifying end of the world as well, which could have also affected him after Penny’s death.

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After the death of his daughter Penny, you can tell that the Governor’s mental state has begun to break down. He started to feel less shame and guilt, even going as far as to kill random people, just for the benefit of doing it. The founding of Woodbury came after the death of his daughter, in which he and a group of strangers were living and became what they thought about, people who save others from harm however, it turned out to just be one big lie in order to get more entertainment. The Governor felt extremely embarrassed or killed when Michonne comes in and decides to kill the now zombified Penny, and this lets him keep on to a big angry feeling against Michonne. At this point, trying to talk to the Governor was almost out of the question. When the attack on the prison does not extend, this provides Rick’s group to make a comeback and attack Woodbury, and that succeeds and drives the Governor away, where he finds two young women and a young girl.

When the Governor meets these women and the girl, he feels a little bit better, it could be that the young girl named Meghan likely reminded him of his daughter Penny, but this is not fully known. They become part of this group that has a building or grouping far away from the main action on the river, and the Governor begins to go back to an earlier state, to his old ways, wanting to become the leader of the camp. This time, in order to become the leader, he killed his old friend Martinez, and now he has the whole group there under his control. He later began to tell the stories of Woodbury and Rick’s group informing everyone that they were enemies and not to be trusted. This led to them all going to start an attack on the prison, which led to the death of Hershel Greene. The Governor had a blank stare as he was stabbing Hershel with Michonne’s sword, showing that mentally he is just not there and not afraid to kill someone. Even this new group of people has not changed who the Governor has become, even though he died after Michonne and one of his friends killed him, we see bits of him in scenes or sudden mental pictures where earlier events are shown or remembered that show him in his most violent ways.

Ultimately, the development of Phillip Blake has gone from this caring father to his daughter to this violent madman who wants to see everyone die for the benefit of revenge for his daughter’s death. Anything can change the way you behave and it certainly affects others around you.

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