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Primary school wasn’t as eventful as it was supposed to be for majority of children, instead it felt like I was drowning in what the world perceived me to be instead of who I wanted to be. As a child growing up, I never really knew who I was and how I should act. All I ever did was try to impress people that didn’t even like me.

Coming into high school, I’ve learnt how to stay true to one’s self, and if people don’t like you, one shouldn’t change themselves just to get approval from other sources, “you do you” as my dad would say. The greatest key I’ve learnt to staying original is to surround myself with positive people, as well as people who know what their morals and values are in life. Family is also very important as they are able to support you during the hard times, as well as your victories.

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Imagine living in a world full of people who act the same way that you do, without hesitation and discomfort. Imagine a world where every single person looks exactly like you. I for one would be scared to live in a world filled with people who look exactly like me as well as act like me. This is why originality is so important; not only are you being yourself, but you’re also sharing an amazing light that can encourage people to become themselves. God created all of us to be unique, and that uniqueness in us is what creates our many and different characteristics. Why would you as a human being want to change the way you look and act just to please others? Why have plastic surgery just to look like somebody else? Why beat yourself down for not meeting society’s standards? All this destroys originality. Being a copy of someone else will make you unhappy and the ultimate goal in life should be to find yourself and be happy.

The older I get the more I realize that being ourselves is the best thing we can experience. You’re not wasting your life on meaningless things that don’t define who you are, instead you are working on how to create a better you. Being the best you in this day and age takes a lot of patience as well as self-care.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” – Bernard M. Baruch.

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