I am asking you to research and write another structured paper ( 4 pages min). This assignment I trust you will find enormous information about and I hope find interesting and concerning as well. 

The travel industry is experiencing unprecedented declines economically. However,  It seems one travel industry business in particular — the cruise ship / passenger cruise ship industry seems to be dealing with the corona virus in ways where people may have little rights and furthermore maybe subject to international laws. There are many interesting facts I hope you will share in your research paper on how the cruise ship industry leads the nation in notifying governments of a pandemic event aboard a cruise ship in any part of the world. 

Research how the cruise ship industry implements the — 5 phases of emergency management : mitigation, prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. In considering how to focus on any one industry to request you write a paper on and how the business or industry has become intensely effected by the corona virus, I have chosen the passenger cruise ship business/industry to focus on. Many of you may not know that Brevard county Florida has the 2nd largest cruise ship port in the world. I want you to share information in your paper about events past, current and possibly events in the future regarding how cruise ships are working with a pandemic event aboard a confined passenger cruise ship. I think you will find that a cruise ship may be the first of any industries to encounter and confront a pandemic event. In your paper mention about the cruse ship that in Brevard county wanted to come to land but was told to stay in the sea due to passengers on board having the virus, research what you find most concerning and of interest to you about how the cruise passenger ship industry and how it has experienced first hand the difficulties of managing an on board pandemic/disaster event. 

I trust you will enjoy your research and I look FORWARD  READING YOUR PAPERS. 

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