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The Toyota production mechanism is one of the most lauded systems that many organizations have been keen to emulate. The system has a comprehensive structure that captures the society and the technical aspects related to the company. The company encompasses this mode of production as its philosophy. The founders of this magnificent method were Taiichi Ohno and Eiji Toyoda in the year 1948. The method underwent improvement till 1975. Most scholars refer to it as lean manufacturing. The company has instilled a culture known as the ‘Toyota Way’ which includes several principles that guide the operations of the company (Lander & Liker 3682).

Several concerns prompted Toyota to embrace the idea as its main guideline for production activities. The concerns exist on three aims including overburden (Muri), inconsistency (Mura) and reduction of wastage (Muda) (Monden 25). However, the company ended up giving more consideration to Muda. Under Muda, the company devised seven types of issues that it handled. They include unnecessary production, time wastage, expenditure on transportation, delay in processing, misuse of existing stock, demerits arising from delayed movement and losses due to defective products (Monden 25).

The principles associated with the ‘Toyota Way’ have been instrumental in helping the company to realize maximum benefits from the program. Toyota has concentrated on upholding these principles as they form the basis of production structure. The first principle is continuous improvement. In this principle, the management encourages employees to develop long term vision and have the courage to face challenges in an innovative manner. The company has coined the term Kaizen, which refers to the company’s conviction towards continuous improvement in production. Genchi Genbutsu is another term under this principle. It suggests that employees should always be eager to find details from the source.

The second principle under this production initiative is respect for people. The ‘Toyota Way’ concentrates on sustaining humanity. Eventually, the company has succeeded in creating a loyalty program with its customers. Another significant aspect under this principle is teamwork. The organization encourages sharing of ideas and growing as a team rather than promoting personal interests. The management respects the views of every employee and this encourages cooperation.

Researchers have conducted several analyses on Toyota’s culture of handling its production function. Their assessment has identified certain unique features. These experts recognize the long-term view as an aspect that has seen the success of Toyota. The company focuses on their long-term goals. Short-term objectives in the company do not affect the long-term goals. The study on Toyota also summarized that genuine processes will lead to correct results (Lander & Liker 3685).

According to the study, Toyota concentrates on a consistent way of operations to get the right and consistent products. For instance, the pull system is one of the strategies that have always been consistent within the company. Value addition is also an aspect that the research found out from ‘Toyota Way. In Toyota, the company believes in empowering its workforce. Eventually, these leaders end up realizing the scope of their work. In developing an efficient human capital, the company ensures that it dwells on individuals who believe in the philosophy of the company.

Toyota is one of the unique companies in the world. Their willingness to share their production ideas demonstrates the desire in uplifting other organizations. This has led to admirable results recorded by the organization.

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