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Light is at the substance of the actor’s environment and directs the viewer’s attention to different places on stage. The history of light started in the 1580s and it developed over the years it can be defined differently. Also, light has many purposes to use such as visibility, time and places, etc. Tell Tale Heart was one of many films that has a big example of using different lights. The light can be played in many ways due to the technology’s growth. Designers can use light as a very multilateral tool that plays a key part in making the viewers enter deep into the scene and making them completely integrated into what is going on.

Light is so crucial to cinematography that cinematography is unthinkable without it. The centrality of light and lighting also connects the film aesthetic to the historical culture of technologically generated light, a culture that made its presence felt on the landscape of day-to-day life in 1920s Germany. This thriving culture of light was realized in both daily life and other 1920s artworks. The culture of light that gives a context to the films here discussed represented one among many emergent contexts for artistic and cultural activity. The history of stage light starts first in Italy in 1580, they started using the candle as a first light source, and then by the 1780s they used the oil lamp, and it kept developing over the years. According to the book Culture of Light “In particular, they explore the compositional possibilities of light and lighting as a vehicle for their reanimation of familiar concerns. As in the art of the past, in these films, the struggle of opposites is often depicted through a conflict between light and darkness”

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The best light is what seems most natural. Also, there are many purposes for light, firstly, visibility is the most important purpose that makes actors visible on stage and this is one reason that the designer put many lights at different angles, according to the book Let There Be Light “ Light plays a central role in our lives. It is the universal messenger that enables us to be aware of the objects around us and the rest of the universe. Without light, we would not receive the life-giving energy from the sun. Much more than that, light or electromagnetic radiation is at the center of the physical laws. Without it the universe as we have come to know it would simply not exist” Secondly, time and place, depending on the light the designer can establish the time, likewise, in some movies they put the light everywhere to clarify it’s in the morning to the viewers while its at night, or turn all light off and cover the window with black tarpaulin to make it dark which it seems at night to the viewers.

Tell Tale Heart is a film based on a short story by Edgar Allen Poe, first published in 1843. This story is based on horror fiction and is related by an unnamed narrator to describe the murder committed. The major theme in this short story is the effects of guilt and the descent into madness. Tall Tell Heart has many dramatic conventions such as background music, lighting, the angle of the camera, and the opening and closing title. However, the light was the most dramatic convention, because there was only the light of the candle, for example, from the first film start until 1:40 the guy was using the light of the candle while he was writing, also when it was 5:30 min he was holding a candle while walking to the bedroom but then he turns it off before he enters the room. Second, the thunderstorm light, for example, at 8:00 min the light of the thunderstorm was coming from the window and in the rest of the film mostly was the light of the thunderstorm. Most likely, everything else was black and white which makes it interesting like the old movies. Overall, the movie Tell Tall Heart that taken from a short story published on the 143 by Edger Allen.

In conclusion, the Designer can use light as a very multilateral tool that plays a key part in making the viewers enter deep into the scene and making them completely integrated into what is going on. However, light is an elegant and most important part of the dramatic convention because of the new capacity of sensibility and carefully controlling light has led to the development of theater light as a more important element in dramatic convention.

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