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‘Free! Body and soul free!’ (Choppin 2) what did Mrs. Mallard mean by this? This quotation was said a few moments after she found out that her husband passed away in a fatal trainwreck. But why would she say such things after hearing her spouse has passed away? Mrs. Mallard was very determined to have her own way of life without anyone to hold her back, she wanted to be free and yet still have all her rights and not be shadowed by her husband.

In Chopin’s “A Story of an Hour,” Mrs. Mallard’s husband is just one of many of her problems. When she discovers that her husband has died in a trainwreck, she feels relief and is closer to her version of “freedom.” Her husband is no longer around to be set as the dominant man in the relationship however when she learns that he is alive, she faces her own death in the form of a heart attack — both due to health problems and “ the joy that kills” Oppression does not end when the oppressor is out of the picture.

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In this story, the wife (Mrs. Mallard) goes through lots throughout the short story. You can tell that she has problems in her relationship with Mr. Mallard. In this story, Mr. Mallard seems to be the main oppressor in the plot. Mrs. Mallard kept everything in instead of at least speaking up about how she felt with her spouse to keep a strong and healthy bond. Mrs. Mallard shows that she wanted to be more independent and didn’t wanna be bossed around by her husband, but she never said anything about it. It’s like she wanted everything to resolve itself. “b” (Chopin 2). Over time, it seems like Mrs. Mallard built an unhealthy relationship with her spouse. To the point where she may have just wanted to be alone and not have any ties (Husband) holding her back, It seemed like Mrs. Mallard started to build a bit of hate up because of all everything she decided to hold back throughout their relationship. Mrs. Mallard never said anything in the moment of anything happening she just did what was told and she only had time to herself when her spouse was out working. I think her being home alone a lot without her husband and her wanting to have her own freedom gave her lots of time to be clear on what she really wanted. Later on in the story, it’s clear that she wants to be more independent and doesn’t want to be bossed around by anyone. We know this because a bit after hearing her husband has passed away she whispered in a mellow tone “Free body and soul free”.Chopin 2. After hearing about her husband’s death

Men played a very dominant role in relationships during this generation. Most women didn’t have a say over their husbands, which led to many disagreements in relationships and also a lot of unhappy marriages. At this time, When telegrams were used most women took care of other roles. They stayed at home and cooked, cleaned, and got things ready for their husbands and children coming from work and school. Her that mindset of being all alone and with no one to hold her back became stronger over time. Mrs. Mallard had lots of time to herself being alone, maybe all of that time she had alone made her decide on what she really wanted. “He had only taken the time to assure himself of its truth by a second telegram, and had hastened to forestall any less careful, less tender friend in bearing the sad message”. (2).

Mrs. Mallard wasn’t very happy with her relationship and you can tell that she’s probably been feeling this way for a while now, in this quotation it’s shown in many lines in the story. “But now there was a dull stare in her eyes, whose gaze was fixed away off yonder on one of those patches of blue sky. It was not a glance of reflection but rather indicated a suspension of intelligent thought” This quotation comes up a bit after Louise has left alone to her room to take in the news of Brently’s death. After the initial fit of tears, Louise looks out her window at the open space below. This quotation is one of our first given hints that Louise’s reaction to Brently’s death will be surprisingly different and that Louise is very distinctive from other women. Whereas most women would gaze, let some tears out, and reflect at the sky and clouds, Louise’s gaze tells us something different, odd, something sensible, or more alive. What she sees as she gazes out the window is different from what other women would likely see after hearing their husbands have passed away. Not long after this passage, Louise recognizes the delightful feeling of self-dependence that Brently’s death has given her. Was the love fake? Communication is crucial in relationships. Both partners should have a say in the relationship. You cannot entirely own someone’s judgment because you know in the end that your judgment will prevail. In conclusion, having one big obstacle blocking you isn’t always gonna clear up the path for you. Having a say in life is crucial because we all control our own lives at the end of the day.

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