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Literary analysis

Married people having affairs is viewed as an immoral act in many cultures and societies. It’s viewed like that because it’s often something that can destroy families and relationships. However, in “The Storm” Kate Chopin demonstrates that an affair is not a very bad thing, perhaps it could even be a good thing depending on the circumstances. In “The Storm the main theme that sticks out is. That people get their fulfillment through the wrong means when they’re oppressed. Also, in “The Storm” Kate Chopin shows what role women had in society during the time. She also touches on arranged marriage, and class differences and she demonstrates how that can limit women’s needs and drive them to live depressing and unfulfilling life.

In “the storm” Chopin doesn’t show any love or romance or passion between Bobinot and Calixta at all. And even though there’s no passion shown Calixta still must perform her duties as a woman and a wife towards Bobinot. She still must clean the house, make food for her family, sew and wash the clothes for her family, and even please her husband in bed and give him kids whether it was passionate or not. That’s how Chopin portrays the role of women in society during that time. She also demonstrates how the role of women was sad and depressing and limiting to their freedom because of all the things that they were expected to do. And how because of that women can feel oppressed and frustrated with no way to let out that frustration or stress. She does that by showing that Calixta didn’t even realize a storm was coming because she was very busy with her duties as a housewife which is very consuming. “Calixta, at home, felt no uneasiness for their safety. She sat at a side window sewing furiously on a sewing machine. She was greatly occupied and did not notice the approaching storm. But she felt very warm and often stopped to mop her face on which the perspiration gathered in beads.” (Chopin 1). That can also demonstrate that Calixta is very busy with her role as a housewife that she might be neglecting her love needs as a woman. And that makes sense because Calixta and Bobinot are both of low class, which can indicate that Bobinot is a man that has to work to be able to provide for his family which can make him neglect his wife’s needs

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Furthermore, Kate Chopin uses the storm throughout the story as a symbol of the passion and love between Calixta and Alice. The storm is a natural strong natural power that cannot be ignored or denied, just like the strong love and passion between Calixta and Alice. Of course, the passion between both cannot be fulfilled since they’re both married to other people and Alice is of a higher class than Calixta. Yet they also couldn’t ignore or deny the fact that they both had a lust for each other. And that’s where the storm comes in to allow the both to be alone together where they can let the love and passion, they have for each other out. Also, wherever they’re together and things start to get intense between them the storm becomes more intense which indicates that the storm is a symbol of the passion between Calixta and Alice. “The playing of the lightning was incessant. A bolt struck a tall chinaberry tree at the edge of the field. It filled all visible space with a blinding glare and the crash seemed to invade the very boards they stood upon. Calixta put her hands to her eyes, and with a cry, staggered backward. Alcée’s arm encircled her, and for an instant, he drew her close and spasmodically to him” (Chopin 3).

To sum it all up “the storm” by Kate Chopin is a great work of literature that uses literary devices to shape the story including the storm. That’s because without the storm there is no story or plot. It’s also a very controversial piece of work for its time since Kate is challenging the role women had in society during that time. Also, she touches on a sensitive matter during that time which is married people having affairs. During that time affairs were something that is not acceptable and looked at as an immoral and sinister acts. That’s what makes “the storm” a great piece of literature the quality of the writing and the controversial matter that the writing is about.

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