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  1. Autoimmune Disease
  2. Pick any of the autoimmune diseases:   Multiple   sclerosis, Lupus, Celiac disease,   Psoriasis, Rheumatic   fever, Ulcerative   colitis (UC).
  3. The Science of Human Body Regeneration   and how to build healthy body
  4. Human Microbiomes: Importance and   how to keep balance profile
  5. Supplement: Importance and right   sources
  6. Vaccination Debate and what should   be the right approach?
  7. Vitamins: Importance and right   sources
  8. Human body Toxicity: why and how to   detox
  9. Brain health: How to build perfect   brain and keep it healthy
  10. Food as Medicine: How it make us   sick and healthy

Scientific Review Article 

Chemistry is the mother of science, it covers everything happening in the human body. Chemistry has vital impact on ongoing drug, disease & health research. Writing a review article should give you an unlimited understanding of application of chemistry in your own life and cutting edge research in nutritional chemistry, drug, and disease.

Writing Procedure

Choose a topic from the above list 

Search the topic into the Pubmed search system or NCBI or NIH or other scientific articles.

Please follow sample papers to know how to design your article

Every paragraph has to start with bolded heading.

There of no limit for the length of write up but it has to be minimum 5 pages, you can choose any front size or space.

References should be cited inside the content using a number as well as add list of references by using any scientific format like AMA or just copy the web link of the reference at the end of your article.

For nonmedicinal healing, you should search any of the Alternative, functional, holistic & integrative medicinal site or research article from a naturopathic or chiropractic doctors.

Here are the steps you may follow for your write up:

Introduction/what is the topic all about?

What is the ‘Topic/Disease name’

Types of ‘Disease name’ or breakdown your topic into types 

Symptoms & Complication or affect of the health problem/topic

Diagnosis Process of the health problem

Major and Root Causes of ‘Topic/Disease name’

Conventional/Modern medicinal Treatment of ‘Topic/Disease name’

Why conventional treatment is not successful in complete reversal of the ‘disease/topic?

Nutritional or Natural or alternative or herbal medicine/Therapies of Healing of ‘Disease/Topic Name’

You may copy contents from the related articles, resources, or natural treatment site or from any scientist, natural/home medicine, nutritionist, Doctor of naturopathy (ND) or Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) or holistic practitioners. However, you must personalize/rephrase the contents after copying from any similar articles. 

Your article should be well explained with necessary image 

Images of the article also have to be from your own. However, if you like to copy image from any websites, you must cite the articles at the end of your paper so that it does not fall under copyright law.

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