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Everyone has either someone or something that impacts their life at one point or another. I personally have had someone impact my life for the better. Actually, I met this person about six months ago and yes, it is a short amount of time for someone to make such a huge impact on my life. But it is not about how much time it has been or how well I know them, it is about what they have done that has changed my life. Have you ever had someone tell you at any point in your life that you are not capable of achieving something? I know that this sentence does not make sense at this time, but I would like for you to think about this question as you continue to read this essay.

Around six months ago my family and I went to go visit my great uncle in Camp Wood, Texas. While on our visit my great uncle introduced a lady to us. He introduced her as his ‘long lost cousin’. I was so nervous to meet her, especially since I had not even heard her name before in my life. She had resemblance of my great grandma, who is my mom’s grandma. My parents introduced themselves first, then they introduced me and my little sister to her. As my parents spoke to her, I just sat on the coach and listened to them carry on a conversation.

Our new relative eventually explained her visit there. She told my parents that she was there visiting her son’s grave. She also explained to my parents that two years ago that day her son and his best friend had committed suicide after returning from the army. My mom asked her if she was just visiting or where does she live. She told us that she is a surgeon and travels the world performing free surgeries for people in countries that contain lots of poverty and the people who live there cannot afford to pay for a surgery. So, she continued to explain that she does not have a permanent residence because she is always moving. I then grew curious, because ever since I was little, I have always aspired to become a surgeon. Being a surgeon has always been a dream of mine. My parents have always told me that I just want to become a surgeon because of the show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, although that show is great and it has made me want to become a surgeon even more, it is not the only or main reason. I want to do what our new relative does; be a surgeon and once I have worked for a while give the rest of my life performing free surgeries for people in need.

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When my parents decided it was time to make dinner, I started talking to the lady. I told her that I wanted to become a surgeon one day and help people in need. She told, “Why don’t you?”, and I said, “Because nobody believes in me not even my parents. They don’t believe that I will make it through medical school”. And she told me, “Oh, do not let other people decide your future for you. Helping people and performing surgeries is one of the most beautiful things. You can do and achieve whatever you want as long as you push yourself to”. She then pulled out her phone and showed me pictures she took with her patients in Africa and South America. Those pictures were so heartwarming and would make anyone smile.

When she left, I did not tell my parents about my conversation. I did not even mention to them how much more I was inspired to achieve my dream of becoming a surgeon. I eventually told them that I wanted to become a surgeon. Although, they do not believe that I will make it that far in the medical field they are being supportive of me going into the medical field. I am in a CNA class through Del Mar College and I am so excited that in a couple of weeks we start clinical at a nursing home nearby.

So, the person who inspired me is my ‘long lost’ relative, even though I only met her six months ago, she had a huge impact on my life. She might not know that she is who has inspired me to become a surgeon, but she is, and because of her, I am going to try hard to achieve my goals and prove my parents and anyone else who does not believe in me wrong. I am going to become a great surgeon, save lives, and travel the world helping people.

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