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He basically opposes hell in this poem in a way where he’s explaining the common challenges that the black community faces with themselves. Always looking down on their own figures and those around them, as well as blaming white individuals for their failures when pointing fingers at them shouldn’t be their way of overcoming this challenge. By preventing failure aka “opposing hell”, he explains the alternative way of moving forward other than pointing fingers which are to face your individual flaws & better them for your own benefit and no one else’s

Hughes’s poetry and short stories are set among real people, mostly black Americans, mostly poor people.

Hughes’s poetry and short stories are set among real people, mostly black Americans, mostly poor people.

Life is Fine by Langston Hughes really caught my attention because I feel it’s a great example of the opposite of hell.

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The narrator of life is fine and considers jumping from reality into the river. it tells a story about a man who is suffering and contemplating suicide, but he is able to see the beauty that life which made a turnaround toward his decisions. The poem appears to be about a man living a rough life, who has a near death that makes him realize just how valuable his life is. encounter has been through a lot in life, whose sorrows lead to depression. which made him think about killing himself because he felt life wasn’t worth living, But when he realized the beauty of life he changed his decision.

The poem Life is Fine made me understand the fact that whatever situation you are in, committing suicide or hurting yourself won’t solve your problems. But trusting in yourself, God and your reason for being alive can still make a difference.

I believe letting go of the past, building up low self-esteem blocking out every negativity, and taking ownership over your mind can improve the struggles of the mind which can eliminate the thoughts of death.

Langston made us understand that he also feels the plight of people and also considers giving up on life is not the solution to end struggles but it’s better off to choose life over death. For example when Langston said in the poem “ So since I’m still here living, I guess I will live on ”. Life is Fine made me realize that living a life in which you are regularly expressing your purpose in life, your thoughts, feelings, and actions are simply great and mind-blowing.

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