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The novel ‘The Day of The Triffids’ By John Wyndham contains important ideas of what humanity is like, in an engaging manner characters will react to certain scenarios created by John Wyndham. Some characters made by Wyndham will take drastic measures to survive while others characters will choose a more peaceful way to survive. The novel is about a comet strike that landed in Triffids that produces green flashing lights and blinded most of the population, the sighted characters go on a journey to find a way to survive.

From a close study of ‘The Day of The Triffids’ the readers understand about the notion of good and bad and how trouble times can make people think about what is going to happen. This is shown in the quote “The way I see it, we’ve been given a flying start in a new kind of world. We’re endowed with a capital of enough of everything to begin with, but that isn’t going to last forever. We couldn’t eat up all the stuff that’s there for the taking, not in generations–if it would keep. But it isn’t going to keep. A lot of it is going to go bad pretty rapidly – and not only food – everything is going, more slowly, but quite surely, to drop to pieces…” this was when Coker sees the comet blast as an Indication that the past is all gone and everything is up for grabs now. The use of “would” in the quote contains high modality language which states that everything is gone for sure. In the quote it shows that it is purely Cokers opinion about the whole comet blast situation as it contains “The way I see it” in the quote.

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In ‘The Day Of The Triffids’, Wyndham shows that despite having such a terrible situation to happen, the population and humanity all still have hope in their body. This is shown when Bill didn’t give up on finding Josella after she had disappeared. In the quotes “It had been a wretched night. Until I lay down, I had not fully realized the extent to which I had counted on finding Josella in Tynsham. Weary though I was after the day’s journey, I could not sleep” and “Coker’s bed was already empty when I awoke, and I decided to devote my morning chiefly to inquiries” this shows that although Bill is tired from the previous day as said in “It had been a wretched night” he still isn’t giving up on finding Josella when he decided that he will devote his morning chiefly to inquiries. Although Bill thinks that Josella might have caught the disease in the quote “The thing I had to fight hardest against admitting was that she might have caught the disease’, bill still wants to find Josella no matter the circumstances.

Wyndham makes the characters in the book tough, and characterises them to do anything to survive the comet strike and the challenges in ‘The Day Of The Triffids’. This is shown when Josella tries to fight off the venomous and deadly plant. “I cracked, and howled like a girl in a Victorian melodrama” : in this quote where Josella described herself as a masculine hero when she said “Howled” and “Victorian melodrama” , this means that the author Wyndham appeals strongly with emotions. By making Josella a hero by fighting the plant, the audience will believe that Josella is an attractive woman.

John Wyndham made the novel ‘The Day Of The Triffids’ include many aspects of what humanity will do to try to survive, from behaving violently to becoming a leader. Wyndham makes every character progress and makes them adapt to any scenario made by him. In the novel, humanity is literally a replica of the outside world as people will do anything to survive what is going on, for this instance, the comet blast and the dangerous plants.

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