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Sport business is a particular sphere, which, however, mostly adheres to the general rules of the business. As modern views dictate, customers’ impressions have been receiving increased attention in the majority of areas. Sports facilities serve many people at once, and it is difficult to provide each one of them with equally quality services. Nevertheless, even the small amounts of negative reviews can have a detrimental effect on the business. According to Varga and Albuquerque (2019), the discovery of a single negative review can entail a purchase probability decrease of about 50%. It is possible that sport events may suffer from the same tendency, making them even more vulnerable to negative commentaries. As mentioned before, such venues are usually visited by large groups of spectators, which is why the probability of negative views also increases. However, the exact degree, to which the performance of sport facilities is affected by customer reviews is uncertain and requires an in-depth analysis. The proposed case study will examine the issue based on the Donnington Park racing track in order to determine possible influence of customer reviews on it.

The primary objective of the data analysis would be to research the reviews concerning customers’ experiences with Donnington Park. First of all, the study will examine proportion of positive, negative, and neutral reviews. This way, it will be possible to determine the overall public image of Donnington Park. Secondly, the proportions will be weighed against the venue’s business performance in order to discern a potential correlation. The data will be collected using public sources, as far as Donnington Park’s financial results are concerned. As for the customer reviews, Google appears to be a valuable database containing numerous commentaries from people across the globe. While there are other services that collect customers’ opinions, Google is considered to be the leader in many spheres, including this one. Therefore, it is expected to provide a sufficient number of reviews from a diverse audience, allowing for the correct representation of Donnington Park visitors. Google Reviews is an international platform, meaning that it will be possible to include multiple nations in the research. At the same time, the platform offers an integrated translation mechanism, which would eliminate the language barrier.

Data scraping services will be the primary instrument used for data collection in the course of the planned study. Such tools are widely applied in the sphere of data analysis, as they considerably accelerate the process. Instead of going through numerous reviews one-by-one, it will be possible to download large amounts of data in a convenient form. During the following stage, appropriate software will be used in order to arrange the reviews according to required parameters. At the same time, there will be substantial theoretical findings aiming at providing a reference framework. Once the practical results will be obtained and compared with the aforementioned findings, conclusions will be drawn regarding the impact of customer reviews on Donnington Park. Overall, the planned study appears to be promising within the context of sport business management and analysis. It is important to determine whether modern customer-centered tendencies extend their influence to sport businesses as well. Accordingly, a comprehensive analysis of the large customer review database will provide a solid reference point for examining the performance of Donnington Park, one of the UK’s important venues, in modern circumstances.

Reference List

Varga, M. and Albuquerque, P. (2019) Measuring the impact of a single negative customer review on online search and purchase decision. Web.

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