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Covid-19 is a pandemic disease caused by the coronavirus. According to various sources, it was determined that the pandemic originated in Wuhan city in China. Upon the discovery of this pandemic, it has been observed that a lot of problems have been created and it has put the world into a state of panic. Covid-19 and the threat it poses to the world. Interruption in the educational system, higher rate of spread in special institutions, and the mutation and mode of transmission of coronavirus are the following points to be discussed in the paragraphs below.

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Firstly, covid-19 has caused an interruption in the educational system. Covid-19 has greatly affected the educational system causing a slowdown and in some cases a halt to learning. The government due to this pandemic decided to take measures to curtail it by asserting rules that have affected education. The practical implication of 6 feet of distancing recommendation is that many schools are unable to open for full in-person learning, or at all, due to physical limitations of school infrastructure (Stage, et al., 2020). This proves that learning institution lack adequate infrastructure therefore it makes this impossible to learn since some will have to stay out which will not be accepted. In the end access to education is prevented, therefore I agree with Stage, et al., (2020) stating, three-feet of physical distancing is more easily achieved in most school districts, including public ones, and thus, relaxing distancing requirements would likely have an impact of increasing the number of students who are able to benefit from additional in-person learning.

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