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Teenage pregnancy is usually defined as pregnancy that happens in young girls below the age of twenty, regardless of whether or not they’re married or of adult age. Teenage pregnancy has been increasing at an alarming rate especially within the US, Africa, and UK. It’s become a worldwide concern because it not only affects the teenager and her family, but the society generally. An increase in teenage pregnancy will within the top, cause increased child poverty also as degradation of the child’s well-being.

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One of the foremost causes of teenage pregnancy is absence of affectionate supervision from parents or guardians. within this society, parents are either too busy or too permissive. Aside from the supply of basic needs, parents and guardians aren’t involved within the emotional stability of the girl child.Teenagers, especially girls, undergo intriguing situations and changes during which they have parental support to know and accept the changes. Just just in case they lack this affectionate supervision from their parents, they seek answers from boyfriends who “seem” to be giving the love and a spotlight that finishes up with a pregnancy. Another major explanation for teenage pregnancy is peer pressure. As children grow to teenage hood, there’s increased pressure to suit certain peer groups. The peers may then push the girl into having sex so on suit well in their group. additionally to the present, the fashionable society allows the teenagers to possess many a while and space with the other sex on their own, which lands up to instances of pregnancy at teenage hood.Other factors key to the present concept is sexual assault also because the use of medicine and alcohol. Teenagers are exposed to alcohol and medicines making them lose control over their sexuality when drunk thus resulting in pregnancies. sexual assault on the opposite hand occurs when the women choose sex for pleasure without understanding the sexual impact. It’s also evident when an adult sexually victimizes a teenage girl or a minor. Lack of sex education in schools to teenage girls has also contributed to increased teen pregnancy. This is often because it results in indulgence in sexual activities without understanding the possible effects. it’s therefore important to let girls understand issues surrounding sex and their sexuality also because the possible impacts.This is the duty of teachers, religious, parents, and thus the entire society to impart the knowledge. On the opposite hand, the media has contributed to teenage pregnancy by advertising and showing programs, talk shows, also as playing songs that advocate for sex. This makes teenagers practice what they see on the media thus ending up with pregnancies. In most cases, teenagers don’t have the knowledge of using and accessing contraceptives, something that contributes to teenage pregnancies. Other factors like socio-economic and environmental issues are instrumental in causing teenage pregnancies.

The effects of teenage pregnancies are many and unsightly. Besides getting pregnant, the teenage girls and their children are in peril of being infected with STDs including HIV/AIDS. Additionally, there are health implications associated with early sex and pregnancies like obstetric fistula, sudden sudden infant death syndrome syndrome, maternal death, eclampsia, and cervical cancer. Additionally, other complications happen because of the undeveloped pelvis of the teenage girl .Teenage pregnancy also brings about physical and psychological trauma to the girl since she is faced with many dilemmas exposed to her by the family and thus the society. It also makes the parents feel ashamed thanks to their alleged negligence as viewed by the overall public or society. Lastly, teenage pregnancy has largely contributed to child poverty, since the ladies are forced to drop out of college to need care of their babies.

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