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The purpose of this essay is to analyze the effect of the therapies on stalking-type behaviors after the end of treatment while controlling for the initial number of hours of stalking behaviors.

Output 1

Error! Reference source not found. It demonstrates the consequences of the restricted ANOVA. The fundamental impact of the gathering is not huge, F (1, 48) =.06, p=.804, demonstrating that the average level of stalking conducted before treatment was in the two treatment bunches. At the end of the day, the mean number of hours spent stalking before treatment is not altogether diverse in the cognitive-behavioral approach and psychodynamic treatment groups. This outcome is uplifting news for utilizing stalking conduct before treatment as a covariate in the examination. We could likewise lead a restricted ANOVA to see whether the two treatment gatherings contrast in their stalking levels after treatment.

Output 2

This output demonstrates the ANOVA table when the covariate extends. It is clear from the centrality esteem that there is no distinction in the hours spent stalking after treatment for the two gatherings (p=.074, which is more noteworthy than.05). It is critical to note that the measure of variety to be clarified was 9118, of which the trial control represented 591.68 units while 8526.32 were unexplained.

To direct ANCOVA we have to get to the principle dialog box by selecting “Analyze” then “General Linear Model” then “Univariate”. The principle dialog box is like the one for the restricted ANOVA. The primary distinction is that space is accommodated hence indicating covariates. I chose stalk2 and dragged it to the container named “Ward Variable”. At that point, I decided to assemble and pull it to the case called Fixed Factor(s). I then chose stalk1 and dragged it to the box marked Covariate(s). Since the autonomous variable (gathering) has just two levels, there is no compelling reason to stress over differentiations.

Output 1 demonstrates the unadjusted means; that is, the ordinary means if we disregard the impact of the covariate. These imply that the ‘time spent’ shown on the outcomes demonstrates that the time spent stalking after treatment was less after cognitive-behavioral approach treatment. Notwithstanding, from our introductory ANOVA, we realize that this distinction is not noteworthy. Moreover, what happens now when we consider the impact of the covariate for this situation, the degree of the stalker’s issue before treatment?

Output 2 shows ANCOVA. Taking a look at the estimation of noteworthiness, it is clear that the covariate necessarily predicts the reliance variable. So, the hours spent stalking after treatment rely upon the degree of the beginning issue. That is, the hours spent stalking before treatment. Additionally intriguing is the fact that when the impact of introductory stalking conduct is uprooted, the effect of the treatment gets to be noteworthy (p has gone down from.064 to.023 which is under.05).


At last, we will translate the covariate. We can do this by making a diagram of the time spent stalking after treatment (subordinate variable), and the beginning level of stalking (covariate), utilizing the outline developer. The subsequent chart ought to demonstrate that a positive relationship exists between the two variables. That is, a higher score on one variable should relate to a higher score on the other while a lower score on one variable relates to a lower score on the other.


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