The Done Differently Analysis is a short essay in which you reflect on one of your own past experiences in an organization, analyzing what you could or should have done differently in light of what you have learned in class. This essay will help you to connect the course learnings with your professional lives. It will also allow you to reflect on successful and failed strategies, which will help you better prepare and respond in the future. 

Although you will inevitably need to describe what happened during a past experience, the analysis should not be a detailed report of everything that happened. Instead, you should focus on analyzing what could or should have happened if you had known the course lessons discussed to-date—and why. In addition to discussing how the process would have differed, you might also reflect on how the outcome would have differed.

A high-quality analysis is one that steps back from a situation, identifies key events and processes, uses course concepts to help structure the analysis, and does so in a well-written fashion. The analysis should be no longer than two pages typed (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point). See the rubric in the syllabus for evaluation criteria.

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