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The case outlines several environmental factors that might affect Bio-World’s new and exciting project. The possible criteria for selecting the most lucrative direction for the program include the expected demand for the product and the estimated cost of development. The company is evaluating options for hiring internationally to reduce expenditures. In this scenario, laborers would likely work from their country of origin, which creates certain limitations.

For instance, the Indian agricultural business is dependent on seasonal weather changes, which can affect other laborers in the country. The societal structure in India may also influence Bio-World’s success, as many people pursue fishing or farming, despite being qualified specialists in other areas. Moreover, the markets of cheap labor are often highly alluring to outsourcing companies that they become oversaturated. Software development illustrates this issue best, as the cost of Indian labor in this sector has risen dramatically. Finally, the lack of technical infrastructure required to work from a different country may interfere with the team’s performance. There have been many precedents in third world countries when some districts or even entire cities have been left without power for hours, which is unacceptable by modern standards.

When forming my project team, I will take into account the national distinctions of the workers and make each of the four steps of project team development as productive as possible. During the forming stage, I will assist my employees with adapting to the new workflow by structuring their tasks concisely and straightforwardly. In the storming stage, I will show competent leadership by guiding my subordinates and paying close attention to their needs. When people begin to adjust and feel more comfortable during the norming stage, I will ensure that they do not form any habits which might be detrimental to their productivity later. Finally, in the performing stage, I will interfere as little as possible with the daily interaction inside the team, and focus on making long-term decisions for the project.

An IT company always faces some risks regarding its cybersecurity, which can have devastating consequences. The infamous Target data breach is an outstanding example of how a lack of secure practices can lead to a substantial amount of information being stolen. There is also a chance that a prototype of a new device can be stolen or found by people outside the company or even competitors. What is more, there is a risk that a competitor develops a popular product, like the apple watch, which would eliminate the need for Bio-World’s device for most people. Finally, the market’s demand for a mobile health monitoring solution might suddenly decline due to some other medical developments.

Monitoring the progress of a project that is being completed from abroad is a challenging task, and it is critical to choose the right type of data to be collected. I propose that the company separates responsibilities into equal subsections and takes note of the time employees spend completing them. This system would help identify problem areas that require more effort than estimated, while accurately indexing each laborer’s efficiency.

Depending on the situation, there can be different types of project closure. If the final product can no longer be successful due to an unexpected turn of events, but some of its parts are still viable, the project may be given a new direction and completed normally. It can also be closed prematurely if the company’s strategy changes, and the program’s goals cannot be altered to fit the new plan.

When training employees for working in a different region, the most important area is respect. Employees must understand that even though their colleagues are from a culture that they may not completely understand, they deserve to be treated well. Religious awareness is also vital; for instance, most Hindus perform daily rituals, which could interfere with work. Some programs recommend casually learning about different ethnic groups by eating their national food. Finally, taking the time to learn a foreign language is guaranteed to give a comprehensive overview of a people’s traditions and beliefs.

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