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In the present age, sports are more and more popular over the world because it is not only a good way to leisure but also can help people to keep fit. So, the most famous sports party the Olympic games become more important in people’s lives.

The Olympic games will be held evey four years and people all over the world will enjoy the glamor of sports during that time. Then, who will host the next Olympic games becomes very important and many countires want to host the Olympic games. London will host the 2012 Olympic games.The issue of which it is good or bad to be the national host becomes a hot issue. Some people assert that there are more advantasges than disadvantages to be the host. At the same tme, many people argue that it is bad for national host. In this essay, I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks for host nations in the last 20 years.

Main body Some people support that there are more advantages than disadvantages give their reasons as follows. At first, it can improve the facilities of the host country.For example, the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, the main cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjing, Hongkong, Qingdao, Shenyang have got a lot of benefits. These cities have built many sports centers and changed many old things to new. At second, it improve the financial income of the host country. During the Olympic period, people all over the world go to see Olympic games, it makes a sharp increase of the need of common day life commodities and services. The huge numbers of tourists increase the tourism of the country.

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At the same time, there will be many opportunities for investors to invest because the Olympic games. These are all increase the financial income of host country. At third, it also has positive effect on the economy of host country. As the statistics collected by Chinese government, from 2001 that has confirmed China would host the 2008 Olympic games to 2008, the direct effect on economy caused by Olympic games lead the GDP of China increased about 0. 3% to 0. 4% every year. The Olympic games is the most big world sports party until now, it needs best equipments and products to ensure success of Olympic games.

So, the technology and products of host country will be better, it leads the operate structure and techlogy more efficiency. After that, the Olympic games can create more opportunities to find a job. As the Olympic games, the city will add more modern things to made the city more beautiful, so there will need a lot of people in different jobs, not only quantity but also quality. Moreover, it can improve people’s knowledges and people will be enthusiatic on sports. More and more people will be interested in sports, it is very good for people’s health.During Olympic, people must learn English to communicate with foreigners, it is very good. At last, it can show this country to the world and improve the status of the host country.

During the Olympic games, people all over the world see games by TV, the world focus on the host country and city, people will know the country and it is intangible assets. Money cannot buy. The other side of coin argue that there are more drawbacks to host Olympic games. At first, the host country must bulid many sports centre and it will cost a lot of money.And these money can be used for other things. For example, the government spend 280 billions on 2008 Beijing Olympic games. If China had not host the Olmpic games, these money can be invested to West of China to make the people live more comfortable.

After that, there are too many people in the host country during that period and it may harm the environment. Because there are so many people, there will be more rubbish than before, just like daily life commodities, the need of plastic bags and so on. People who smoking can harm the environment direcly.There are also many people travell around the host country, we cannot guarantee that everyone do not throw rubbish on floor. Moreover, after the Olympic games, the utilization of these sports centre and facilities that built for Olympic games will decrease. Some facilities are creat only for Olympic games will be waste and a research by China government has showed that the utilization has decreased more than a half after the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. As the experience of the last 20 years, it will cause inflation because of the increase of so many sports centre.

Another reason can be that Olympic games will leads more pressure and stress on traffic. Because there are so many people, so there may be always traffic jam. At last, it will have a strength stress on employment after Olympic games. After Olympic games, some people will stay on their original job. However, most of them will find new job. Many people will be unemployment. Conclusion In a word, we can see there are both many benefits and drawbacks for host nations.

In my opinion, I strongly commit to the notion that there are more benefits than drawbacks.To be a host, it must renew the host city and makes the city more beautiful and modern. They cycle of host country’s economy will be better and financial income will increase. It makes the GDP grow fast. The unemplyment rate decrease and more people have jobs. More people interested in sports because the impact of Olympic games. Olympic games can also increase the status of the host country.

As the reasons, I think there are more advantages than disadvantages for host nations in the last 20 years.

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