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I always figured out myself in the mirror and end with tears because I always find my flaws. Some people laughed at me because of my body, my face and even my emotions. Some hurt me by their words, by their eyes and by their lame jokes. I wake up in the morning with a glare and try to hug my hair, even it was not beautiful. I reached out God every day, praying that someday I would not be in this situation, because it’s hard. This situation made me weak day by day. I always keep to overthink, I always not accepting compliments because I thought it was not true – I always hate myself.

Honestly, I don’t have a chance to love myself because people taught me how to hate my own. Yet, last month someone told me that I’ve got a ‘very attractive smile’. I can’t help but to smile with his words, it really melted my heart. So, I used to smile every day, even I only had one person who were attracted with my greeted teeth. Last week, someone told me that I have a perfect body. So, I always tacked in my shirt whenever I go because it fitted good in my body, even I had only one who thought that thing. And last day, someone told me that I’ve got a pretty face. At first I didn’t believe, but who am I to judge his opinion, his judgement. He complimented me, and it was a blessing for me, so I start to captured a photo of mine today, and yeah, that guy was correct, I have a pretty face.

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Last year I prayed that one day, I do not care about someone’s perspectives about my body and face because, what I have is enough for me. One day, I will always comb my hair in front of others without hesitation because my hair needs it. One day, I will clearly wear my smile every time, even some do not like it. I will wear my smile because I am blessed, and that smile is for me and for the person who appreciates me.

And that prayer of mine was answered today, I am truly blessed to have my own and to have angels beside me. I thank God for giving me those people who appreciates me as He does. One day, or maybe today or yesterday, you experience what happened to me right now, it is all about praying, believing, hoping and trusting yourself that you need to have your own – to have others beside you.

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