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Development and gift-giving

The main goal for a charitable organization is reaching out to many people. Ten Thousand Villages is a non-profit organization that provides funds for procurement of handmade products from different artisans around the world. The non-profit organization established its headquarters in Canada.

The organization provides a market environment for disadvantaged artisans (Kitchen, 3). They buy directly from poor artisans at prices determined fairly by both parties.

The organization provides services which include; developing a world fair trade zone, creating income avenues for disadvantaged artisans, improving and sustaining growth, motivation and capacity building, encouraging fair price of homemade products, creating opportunities for honest income, gender equality, providing assistance through fund-raising programs to mention a few (Kitchen, 1).

The organization was founded by Edna Ruth Byler. The website explains its goal and achievements. The organization organizes a non-profit program that adds value to the community.

The mission of the organization includes business growth, positive living, value for each product and cultural diversity. Ten Thousand Villages Canada partner’s with artisans to build a lasting relationship through the following ways


  • Utilize recycle products to produce different gifts
  • Repack shipment materials
  • Recycle printing materials
  • Encourage ecological preservation

Community development

  • Partner with other non-profitable organizations
  • Provide fair trade for the community
  • Equip poor producers with raw materials and information
  • Provide assistance during crisis.

The website presents the organization’s profile and activities. It displays 5 photos on its home page. Each photo reveals the activities, programs and opportunities of the organization. The first photo says, “Win a $1000 gift card from Ten Thousand Villages Canada”. The second photo says, “Thank you, Ten Thousand Villages Canada will donate $4,707.84 to MCC’s Typhoon Haiyan response efforts”.

The website displays its new arrivals, a collection of gifts, recipes and stories. Ten Thousand Villages scout for artisans using community connect programs. They gather handmade products by reaching out to different communities (Kitchen, 2). The products are purchased at fair prices.

Thus, the organization provides basic living needs for a disadvantaged artisan. The organization partners with other non-governmental organizations to redistribute charitable donations. For example, the typhoon Haiyan displayed on its website solicits for funds to support victims. The next page displays an online shopping order for the Christmas season.

The organization provides free shipment for purchases above one hundred and fifty dollars. The final web page displays a catalogue of homemade cards and boxes for the festive season. Ten Thousand Villages Canada is a non-profit organization with a difference. Their development and gift service improves the lives of disadvantaged producers in Canada and Asia.

They revolve round different segments of human activities thus, touching many lives in various ways. The organization has transformed small-scale artisans to big business ventures. The products sold on its website includes handmade gifts, baskets, shopping boxes, homemade toys, imitation of different house furniture, clothing accessories to mention a few.

Artisans repack their products using recycled materials, thus cleaning the environment of non-degradable materials. The organization is fulfilling its vision statement through its humanitarian services. Community transformation has reached its peak in areas of its primary assignment.

Different government organizations and Christian institutions are emulating from its program in assisting the organization with donations. To serve humanity, we must affect the life of every individual.

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Kitchen, Jane 2009, Ten Thousand Villages: Gifts & Decorative Accessories. Web.

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