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There are 200,000 thousand suicide in the United State every year and can go up to 800,000 thousand suicide a year. Suicide had been the 33% of the most kills in the past two decades. Most of this suicides are teens from ages 10-16 (suicide). There are different ways they commit suicide by overdosing on drugs, shooting themself , and even hanging them self; any physical injuries and mental health are many ways they attempt suicide (suicide). Suicide gives a great example of how teen are mostly the victims. As Gavino Ramirez states, “Suicide prevention is everybody’s business. Everybody has a role to play. Everybody can learned about it (LYNN,CAPI).” Gavino makes a very good point because of his personal experiences of bullying in schools. The State Government takes suicide as a health problem and is finding methods to prevent suicide. My family had been in a situation that had committed suicide by the cause of bullying in school; school is one of the main places that the problems are made and cause teens to suicide. Everything is expected in school but not expected suicide as we keep learning about suicide. Mental health has been the one of the teens problems and cases were the limits be on suicide need to be control for the simple reason that a high percentage of suicide committed is horribly wrong (Mental Health). Keeping all together social media is to blame for the increase in teen suicide from the 2010-15 the rate of teen suicide increase even more as learn more about this situation and should not be prohibited. Domestic abuse continue to be part of the killer of teens in the United States it has made an increase on teens suicide during the years (Crillo). There are many others suicides cause as well, that should not be allowed definitely school bullying, mental health, social media or and domestic abuse can be the cause of many teen suicides that can be prevented.

School bullying are the cause of the suicide that had been happening during the years and can be prevented. Many teen suicide themself because school bullying in many cases because they do not have someone to talk to about there problem or there victims of abuse or mistreated that happen in school . Gavino Ramirez story is more likely to show us that if we have someone in school that we can trust and can be able to talk to about there problems it can make a difference (LYNN, CAPI). It seems that we need to make changes in school and mayde give teens a class that talks about this topic and be there for teens that have problem. The way that we can make a difference is as a team and take control of this heartbreaking situation. How the same way that the “EV parents are taking the lead in teen suicide prevention”. They accomplished many things and even teens trust to talk about their problems (Walsh, Jim). School has to be a safe place for our teens and to make this differences we have to take the lead and stop teen from suicide themself. “If you see something say something” according to Vega this is the way that they have controlled bullying at their district and had be a total success and made a differences (Vega, Priscella). We came to a point that we need to take these risks to save teens and prevent suicides. School harassing are the reason for the suicide that had been occurring during these years. We all lived it you might of not remember but there was always that one kid that was getting picked on and you did not say anything. Maybe because you had not trust in teachers or family but let’s make a change and take the lead. Making changes on our teens lifes and listen to them let them trust you and then take action. To make school safe and great again.

Mental health is a cause of teens suicide and should be prevented. For the numerous reason that in the United States there has been many suicides during every years 3.5% of the population are teens that are commiting suicide because this mental health problem (Mental Health). According to the percentage in the United State is reason why we should take action to create a program that help the teens families with this types of problems and prevent suicide. In May of 2017, Louise decided that her life was basically unnecessarily troublesome, so she’d end it all of her friends had moved away. She felt horribly, disgracefully alone. Which she decide to overdose on chemicals and had other mentally suicide thoughts (Velasquez). Mental health problem as Velasquez explains its still suicide and need to be treated with experts so we have to try to prevented it. Mental health disorder becomes one of the main cause of suicide in America. Health disorder are the depression and stress they have, and pressure they can be going to are mostly the cause of suicide (Green). I agree as my personal experience I stress myself so much involving school and bills and sometimes you just wish you can get way from it by maybe be gone forever. Suicide thoughts like this should not be allowed the consequences that this brings are bad and might attempt suicide that is why this terrible problem need to be solve to prevent from teens to try to commit suicide. As we stand everyone is invited to make a change to young adult that suffer from stress, pain, struggles, work, school, and pressure etc (Pattani). Students are affected in school many of the reason why kid fail in class are the reason of pressure. I’m in school and I can tell you that theres is been for me so much pressure because it’s hard numerous reason but, in fact because struggles everyone struggles and there are points where the pressure and the struggle is too much. Main reason why many teens get to a limit were they can handle it and mental thinks to suicide themself. Witch should not be allowed and has to be prevented. With the help of everyone we can save lives of many teens that suffer of mental health people need you hand to builth strength. The government had found methods to control it, but it has not been enough. It’s been show that mental health is the cause behind young teens suicide and should be rejected. To get treatment in programs that might help them with mental health and help them to prevent them from committing suicide in a young age.

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Social media in many cases had play a big role on the cause of suicide and should be more strict to prevent from young teens to commit suicide. Social media had created a higher percent of teens suicides (Associated Press). Suicide come along way to prove that social media is the cause of young teens commiting suicide for the main reason that they are getting bullying thru this social media system. Among the advance technology social media should contain a strict policy and try to help stop cyberbullying. Victims of cyberbullying are mostly teens that have try or commited suicide because the unrestricted policy of this system. There had been changes in some cases as shown with the companie At&t smartphones now parents can check anything on there kids smart device and that is one step in progress (WPIX-TV). This explain that we can make a difference and start saving teens in social media from commiting suicide for the cause of cyberbullying. There are many other reason why social media should not be allowed. Although the main reason is because social media had become one of the main killer of young teens. Parents are the hope of their young kids that are going thru depression because of social media. Study had shown that teens get addicted to social media and turns into a competition. Along with this makes other teens feel worse of them self because of the other teens having what they do not or might have. Sometimes the competition of “likes, unlikes, followers, friends etc” this is what makes them react differently (Associated Press). Some had consider that there not good enough and try or commits suicides. The reason why social media system need to be ones again more strict and not allowed cyberbullying to prevent suicides. Parents should be more stick with teens phone it’s considered to have a healthy balance on use of smart divide or smartphone to protect teens from social media (Associated Press). We should never be afraid to talk to our teens about this situation the Press had shown that if you talk to your teens about this risk in social media there is less possibility of a suicide. Teens need to be able to have some knowledges about what can happen and built some trust. A development in suicide rates among U.S. adolescents occurred meanwhile social media systems administration. As we remain in these types of situation we should fight for a solution and prevent suicide from happening in social media.

Domestic abuse is a horror topic for everyone but the most affected are the teens. For this domestic abuse it had it has been one of the top killers of young teens during the past decade (Carillo). Carrilos as a great story about domestic abuse as he explain in history this case had be going on in many family tru out the world and had to be control by some point and as we continue. Domestic abuse is considered a health problem for those that commit abuse. In one case were a 13 year old girl committed suicide because she was going to domestic abuse in her family (Craig). As it been shown that this had been happening and teens are suicide by this cause of domestic abuse and is has dark story that teens are really afraid of and might not be able to talk about it. Indeed we need to show that we can make a difference if something is wrong then there has to be someone that we can go to and talk about it and control this type of disease. Domestic abuse has affected the communities in our society and claim that it had been to much death during the past 7 days in America (Lee). It is a demonstration to our people that many of the teens on one way or another they consider that the best way to stop abuse is to suicide themself. Which we believe that family should take treatments to find out about this thing that occur in our family and to start now making a change. To be sure and try to stop more teens from suicide themself for cases like domestic abuse there should be one hope in our family that needs to change and try to find solutions to the main problems in there lives that are cause you abuse. Terrorising the society about this cause have to have consequences and should be done correctly to prevent from young adults to suicide.

An increase in suicide rates among U.S. teens we make a great point ask we speak. However, in teens minds over all when they have hard time on school and have been thru so much and can find an answer. Teens consider the best way to stop from getting bullying in school is to suicide themself it shown that teens had felt worthless and depressed in school. Teens suicide contain numerous of people involved the reason why teen feel pressured to commit suicide faster (Lynn). Teens suicide increase more when teens have mental health problem. With schools and many other problems they go thru in school in many cases they feel depressed, stress, pressure, and work. These are that main cause of the mental health problem and teens had taken this to a different level that is suicide. Most of them are student young adults teens as we say have the one solution to stop there mental health essus is by suicide. With they take as an answer and try to fix it (Velasquez). Social media helped increase the percentage of teen suicide in our society. Teens are attracted to their social media more these days, but as well teen had commit suicide more often. Social media is a place were young adults are fighting more frequently. Teens have been treated wrong in social media and been thru alot of hurrasing and one of the most common was the cyberbullying. Teen are getting bully online and many of the teens have been in a situation that they can not take much pressure in bullying that they find a way to stop it by considering to suicide themself. Teens have this way of solving cyberbullying in social media. Teens not only have this type of essus there are other problems that make teens suicide himself there is a study that shows that teens have problems with “Likes, Unlike, Followers, Population” are involved in the cause of suicide of young teens (Associated Press). Domestic abuse has been a cause of many teen suicide during the years. Teens are one of the most scared to try to find help it been shown that most of the teen have problems and the main answer to stop it is to commit suicide. Domestic abuse had been family all over the world although the higher percentage are the young teens. Teens are been abuse most times they’re the victims mostly by parents or family members brother sister etc. The point is that teens have nowhere to go or no one to talk to about the situation that occurs at home that why many of them have commited suicide because they felt unnecessary unwanted they had no other choices than killing themself (Carrillo).

An increase in suicide rates among U.S.teens suicide them self .To prevent suicide, the Government is trying to finding a new method to decrease suicide. The method that might work is to make school programs that talk about the think that the kid goes through in school. It not only happens in schools but suicide occurs at home as well as a family that is fighting all the time and because of this cause teens might suicide by pressure. Everything that cause people to commit suicide should be solve the Government method is not working there is still a minimum 400,000 thousand teens committing suicide in United States. The change would be in school at least school programs that show that bullying can cause suicide. The united state needs a change in suicide prevention is one big topic for the State Government. Also noticed that it’s a big percentage of that is trying to commit suicide and need help at school at home there are cases where suicide is a cause because of mental health and social media afortionaly domestic abuse. Think about it if we see someone that is sad or just has a bad day help them make them feel better you can prevent suicide by making someone smile. Also, reach your hand and make a life change help those that are screaming help in silence. Make a difference in humanity and our planet and see for yourself that we can change the way of suicide at home at your job in school. Help stop teen from committing suicide and prevent them from losing their life because everyone had a brite future that need to live for.

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