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Pregnancy among teenagers has been a global social, economic, and educational problem among developed, growing, and underdeveloped countries. Our country has a limited study about teenage pregnancy and sex education. That’s why we conducted this study to find out what the possible rules, considerations, or policies the public school in San Carlos City can give to these kinds of students to avoid dropping out of school and continue their studies even in their difficult situation.

Some teenagers stop going to school when they find out that they are pregnant. They are more willing to stop hiding their pregnancy and avoid being bullied at school. Teenage pregnant student suffers from bullying in a way their schoolmates have a different reaction to their pregnancy. Parents still encourage their teen children to still continue their studies and support them in all the way they can. As parents they play the important role of being a health educator, they are the role model in influencing the young people with their attitudes and behavior.

One of the problems faced by schools hoping to support pregnant teenagers is the attitude that assistance is tolerating their pregnancies. Morning sickness and regular doctor’s visits for check-ups may cause absences for these students. That’s why some of them are hesitant to continue their studies because of their condition. The school wants these students to be successful, they don’t want to send a message to other students that being pregnant during adolescence is a good option.

Teenage pregnancy compromises the development opportunities of young girl which hinders their formal education resulting in unemployment and being unproductive making them vulnerable to violence, crime, poverty, and social exclusion. With the help of every school, the student may still continue their studies and reach their goals. If the school has these policies and procedures to protect their teenage pregnant student then they would be one of the assets of every student to continue until graduation.

The poor academic performance of teenage mothers has also been one of the reasons why teenage mothers drop out of school. Therefore, this study aims to assess the prevalence of teenage pregnancy and its associated factors among school adolescents in public schools in San Carlos City to avoid dropout.

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to determine the readiness of public schools to accommodate pregnant to avoid dropouts in San Carlos City.

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Specifically, it seeks to answer the following:

What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of?

    1. Age;
    2. Sex;
    3. Civil Status;
    4. Year Level;
    5. Family Income
    1. What are the possible rules that can be enforced at school to protect these teenage pregnant students?
    2. What are the considerations schools can give to these teenage pregnant students?

Significance of the Study

This study will be conducted to find out the readiness of public high schools in accommodating teenage pregnant students to avoid dropping out in San Carlos City, Pangasinan. It will also be conducted to know the policies and considerations of every public high school in dealing with their teenage pregnant students.

This study will benefit the following:

    • Pregnant Student. It helps students to gain insight into their situation so they can become aware of the policies and considerations of the public high schools once they are accepted as students.
    • Guidance Counselor. Research findings and observations will provide them with relevant data that can be used for counseling interventions.
    • Administration and Faculty. It provides information to promote a deeper understanding and support of the plans related to student mothers to help them cope with their situation. It can be an eye-opener for them to implement roles and regulations regarding these kinds of students.
    • Future Researcher. They will broaden their knowledge of the experiences and challenges facing students’ mothers, increasing their motivation to continue their studies even when they are in very difficult situations.
    • Parents. The results of this study will help parents of the respondents learn more about how this public high school will accept teenage pregnant students.

Scope and Limitation

This study focuses on the readiness of the public schools to accommodate teenage pregnant students to avoid dropping out in San Carlos City. This study covers all the Junior and Senior High School Students of San Carlos City S.Y 2018-2019. The respondents of the study were composed of 50 randomly selected Junior and Senior Principal, Guidance Counselors, and Teachers which comprise 25% of the total population. The results of this study are applicable only to the respondents of this study and should not be used as a measure of the effect of the mentoring program on the students who do not belong to the population of this study. The researchers considered working on this study to find out if there’s an effect on the accommodation of teenage pregnant students in the public schools in San Carlos.

The respondents of the study are the Juniors, Seniors, principals, and Guidance counselors of Turac National High School, Bolingit National High School, Tandoc National High School, Speaker Eugenio Perez National Agricultural School, and Cobol National High School.

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