Class this week is a two-part self-guided field trip. First, go to Levi-Strauss & Co. headquarters in San Francisco, at 1155 Battery St. When you are there, you will visit the company’s displays of historic jeans from their archives in the lobby and the Vault, a small gallery off the lobby. You will also visit the company’s store in this building. Part 2 is a visit to Market St., to the Levi Strauss flagship store at 815 Market St. (at 4th St.) and afterwards to the denim seller of your choice—you can go check out the denim offerings at a nearby department store, such as Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, or Bloomingdales, or hit your favorite boutique elsewhere in the city.For all three stops, study the denim garments you see closely and complete the following assignment:A. Take three photographs of the most iconic things that represents the brand in each location, or draw them. If you choose to photograph in the stores, please ask permission before you do so.B. Write a 1,000-word report discussing the following points:1. The similarities and differences that you see between the historic Levi’s, the modern Levi’s (including the modern reproductions of historic styles), and the jeans found in the department store or boutique. YOU SHOULD NOTE: content, country of origin, price, size range, material range, design detailing and styling at a minimum for each piece, including the Levi’s products.2. Your perception of the similarities or differences in the audiences that each brand is aiming for, and the impact of jeans as they are perceived in Western culture today. Use the readings for this week, the photographs you took or sketches you did, and, if you wish, additional photographs and readings, to support your arguments.Your text should not be fewer than 950 words. It’s okay to go a bit over the 1,000-word target if you wish, but no more than 1,200 words.And I have some photos that I took form the field trip, incase you need it.

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