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You really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. We complain every day about not liking the food that’s on the table and complaining about not having the latest model of phone. If we searched around us, we could find at least a hundred things that we are not thankful for. However, people less fortunate would be grateful for it. We never stop and realize how lucky we are as we take our family and friends as normal things to have. Some people don’t have the family and friends to rely on as we do, and we could never imagine life without them. They changed us into the person we all are today as they have provided us with everything and anything we could ever wish for, for example, gifts, food, shelter, and even such thing as a shower that you would think everyone would have. Unfortunately, not. It makes me so distraught to even imagine anyone without the things I have.

While I was relaxing watching TV with my family, suddenly dreadful thoughts rushed into my head as I stood up and paced around my house like my heart when I get frightened. I couldn’t stop wondering if people were deprived and didn’t even have a TV to watch a show with excitement as I and my friends do. When we watch a show, we are like kids at a sweet shop. My heart shatters like glass as I realize what I have compared to other people. I would never imagine having a friend who had nothing and how they put a brave smile on their face to hide their worries and fearful, panic-stricken life.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized how fortunate I actually am as I was discussing with my family how things have changed for the better. They had told me stories about the past and how they had coal fires rather than electric and gas central heating, black and white TVs, and if they were lucky enough, they would have a colored TV, but they would need to put money into even viewing it. It’s difficult to believe that they went through life without the Internet or social media, but at the same time, it forced them to use their imagination to keep themselves amused. Shouldn’t we just be grateful we have a TV, social media, and the Internet?

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Another advantage of modern-day life is the more advanced technology and how it has made life more comfortable, i.e., washing machines to do the washing rather than doing it by hand. Rough, hard, and difficult was the way my grandparents lived. They had to walk everywhere as they didn’t have transport which made it laborious to get around. Nowadays we have numerous amounts of trains, cars, the bus’, planes and many more ways to travel around. I think if I had been born around the same time as my grandparents, I would be as tired as a worn-out shoe. When I make my appearance in my car, it suddenly smiles at me. I could never envision my life without it.

When we get hungry or thirsty, we can simply pull into a fast food restaurant or even a supermarket for a quick bite to eat. Our supermarkets are stacked high and deep with a large variety of possible choices for you to tuck into. Even at our worst and most difficult times in life, we can still simply reach for food and drink very smoothly. People nowadays moan about having to cook, and would much rather prefer to get themselves a fattening takeaway. Woefully, people don’t have a choice in the matter of whether they or what they are having for dinner. But out there in this world, people have only the choice of a thing as throwing a microwave dinner in the microwave every day of their life. When was the last time you were extremely hungry? Well, that is the most common phrase someone could say as they are relating to people with nothing. Absolutely nothing! They must be exceptionally hungry every day. I mean starving. Shouldn’t we just be happy we have food on the table? Someone with nothing, their stomachs talk to them. We need to start appreciating the things we have in life, even things such as a piece of food.

Another plus point of the changes we have today is something like our health care. Getting the correct medicines for a sick patient, seeing a doctor for a scheduled check-up, and receiving urgent treatment in a hospital. We can access these rather simply with either a phone call or just going straight to the doctor. If we go back to years ago, we can see it wasn’t as straightforward as that. You were lucky if you had an appointment or any medicine to get you fit and healthy again. We never think about how lucky we are to now have everything, such as medicines to cure diseases like diabetes, aids, and some types of cancer, but as the years go on, we believe and have faith that pharmaceutical companies find treatment and how to cure diseases to benefit cancer patients. We should be so appreciative to be living in Scotland as we have free access to the NHS and gladly don’t have to pay for prescriptions, unlike other countries such as America. Currently, we are very lucky to have access to doctors and top surgeons unlike in the past. Some procedures and clinical trials can lead to risks and could sometimes/rarely lead or end badly. This has shown me how our medical science has advanced and improved for the better to make our lives better and easier for ourselves, our friends, and the family members around us.

While doing my research on this painful, dreadful, and realistic topic I have learned how life now has changed for the best unlike when my grandparents were younger, but the other point proves people have nothing and are not living their best life. I have been taught to appreciate everything I have and make my life the most special thing I could ever wish for and never give up on anything or anyone. Always appreciate life and always give others a chance to change and try to be themselves. I now have absorbed the information and will live a thoughtful life.

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