Useful chemical compounds are all around us, from medicines to paints and everything in between. These compounds can be synthetic analogs of naturally occurring compounds or novel molecules that do not exist in nature. Often, naturally occurring compounds are purified and utilized for many different useful purposes. Many pharmaceuticals are naturally occurring compounds that are purified for use.

For this assignment, write a paper about a chemical compound of interest that is either manufactured or purified from natural sources. In the body of the paper, address the following questions:

  • Who discovered the molecule and when?
  • If naturally occurring, where is it found?
  • Who manufactures or purifies it?
  • What are the common physical and chemical properties?
  • What are the common uses?
  • Is it harmful? Describe and explain its effects.


Your paper should be at least 3 pages long with at least 750 words not including the title and reference pages. The paper should have a title page, the body of the paper, and a bibliography of sources. Use at least four reputable sources, which can include scientific journals, popular press, and one Internet source. Write your paper in one Word document in APA format. Submit it to the appropriate assignment dropbox. This assignment is due at midnight on Sunday at the end of Week 13.

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